Jeff Gasbarro,Justice
Benjamin L.F. Leavitt,Justice
Mark Reisman,Justice

Court Clerks: Ann Carroll Malone, Maria Carbone

86 Spring Street
Ossining, NY 10562
phone (914) 762-8562
fax (914) 762-8304


pdf Parking Fines - Town of Ossining (840 KB)

pdf Traffic Infraction Fines (1.20 MB)



In order to ease the burden of local criminal courts with respect to the adjudication of traffic infractions, including parking offenses, a city, town or village may, by ordinance or local law, authorize its local court to establish a “traffic violations bureau.” (General Municipal Law § 370 [1].)   A traffic violations bureau so established is authorized to resolve by guilty pleas violations of local parking ordinances and state traffic infractions, except for speeding and “red light” violations. (General Municipal Law § 371 [1].)

The Traffic Violations Bureau of the Justice Court of the Town of Ossining (“TVB”) became operational on January 1, 2012, the date the Town Justice Court acquired the jurisdiction of the Village Justice Court. Before that date, the Town Board, pursuant to section 372 of the General Municipal Law, enacted section 48-6 of the Town of Ossining Code, which gave the Town Justice Court the authority to create, operate, and supervise the TVB.

A person charged with one or more traffic infractions, other than speeding or “red light” offenses, and/or with parking offenses, may answer each such infraction and/or offense at the TVB, either in person at the courthouse, 86 Spring Street, Ossining, New York 10562, or by mail sent to that address. The answer can be either “not guilty” or “guilty.”

If the answer is “not guilty” or if no answer is asserted, the Town Justice Court will adjudicate the infractions and/or parking offenses on the court date specified either in the ticket or a subsequent date. If the Court’s adjudication of a traffic infraction and/or parking offense is “guilty,” the Court may impose a fine greater than the fine that the TVB had the authority to impose.

If the answer is “guilty,” the person so pleading must waive in writing an in-court arraignment and the assistance of counsel and pay the court-ordered fine, which the TVB has the authority to impose for each traffic infraction [ pdf Traffic Infraction Fines (1.20 MB) ] and/or for each parking offense [ pdf Parking Fines (840 KB) ]. The Court only has the authority to establish the fines the TVB has the authority to impose (General Municipal Law § 372), all of which must be within the limit of the maximum fines applicable for each parking offense, pursuant to the Village of Ossining Code and the Town of Ossining Code, and within the limit of the maximum fines applicable for each traffic infraction, pursuant to the State Vehicle and Traffic Law.   Fines may be paid in U.S. currency (correct change required), by postal money order, or by credit card (MasterCard or Visa only).

Parking tickets issued by the Village of Ossining may be paid online at: 

Clerks, and not justices of the Court, staff the TVB. The TVB clerks have no authority to dismiss traffic infractions and/or parking offenses.

If a person with a valid Village of Ossining parking tag or permit receives a ticket for parking at a location permitted by the tag or permit, he or she should consider following the following procedure:

  1. Answer the ticket, before the court date, by pleading “not guilty.”
  2. Prepare a letter to the Village Prosecutor requesting that the ticket be “dismissed in the interest of justice.” Include in the letter your name and contact information (street and email address), a copy of the ticket, your vehicle registration, and the tag/permit, and state the facts in support of the request for dismissal, including any other documents or evidence in support of the request.
  3. Deliver or mail the request to the Traffic Violations Bureau, 86 Spring Street, Ossining, New York 10562; Attention: Village Prosecutor.

Complete the above procedure with enough time to permit review and appropriate action by the Village Prosecutor and Court before the assigned court date for the ticket. Unless the Court notifies you that the ticket has been dismissed, you must appear in court on the assigned date.