2020 Reappraisal Project


In 2019, the Town Board voted to conduct a reappraisal update of all real property located in the Town of Ossining for 2020. This project will provide the highest level of assessment accuracy.

Tyler Technologies, the firm that was awarded this project, is currently the oldest and largest provider of this service. Tyler Technologies has performed reassessment projects in New York State and nationally, since 1938, and also performed one for Ossining.

The most critical aspect of this project is the collection of accurate data. In order to correct discrepancies/errors or verify information about your property in the next few weeks, a data collector from Tyler will be visiting your property to perform a physical inspection. Your cooperation is appreciated and essential to establishing an accurate assessment.

folder Revaluation and Reappraisal - All relevant documents in directory

pdf 2020 Neighborhood Adjustments (100 KB)

pdf Assessment Change List by Primary Owner (862 KB) --  pdf Assessment Change List by Location (715 KB)

pdf Assessor Property Sales 2020-04-21 (98 KB)

pdf Income & Expense Letter - Ossining (133 KB)

pdf Income & Expense Statement Worksheet - Fillable (317 KB)

pdf Ossining Reappraisal Project Brochure & FAQs 2020 (61 KB)

pdf Tyler Technologies Data Collectors Information (129 KB)

pdf Data Collectors Car Info Feb 2020 (129 KB)

pdf Letter about Value Reviewers Feb 2020 (373 KB)

pdf Data Mailer Reappraisal 2020 (41 KB)

pdf Data Mailer Glossary (27 KB)

pdf Data Mailer Reappraisal 2020 Spanish (96 KB)

pdf Data Mailer Glossary Spanish (93 KB)



2014-2016 Total Town Revaluation

This project is just getting underway and this page will serve as your main resource and reference for the Total Revaluation and ongoing assessments.

Westchester County Reassessment - English:

Westchester County Reassessment - Spanish:


pdf Tyler Technologies Presentation (9.90 MB) Work Session 3/18/2014

pdf Revaluation Update - June 2015 (121 KB)

pdf Reval FAQ for Town Hall 4-19-2016 (200 KB)

Tyler Technologies Website: http://mmrc.tylertech.com/_dnn/

pdf Revaluation- Condition Guidelines (1.13 MB)

document MMRC Neighborhood Delineation Procedure (2.91 MB)