Peter Connolly
Highway Superintendent

phone (914) 941-2241
fax (914) 941-3552

85 Old Route 100
Briarcliff, NY 10510

All Town offices (except for the Town Clerk’s Office) will close at 3:15pm on Fridays from July 1st through September 2nd.

The Town of Ossining Highway Department is located just off of Route 9A at North State Road. Traveling 9A North, take a right onto North State Road. Traveling 9A South, take a left onto North State Road. Take the first right onto Woodside Avenue and an immediate right on Old Route 100. The Highway Department will be on your left.

(For purposes of GPS, please use address 58 Park Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 to locate the Highway Department).

Highway Department

pdf McCarthy Drive Notice 3-29-21 (515 KB)

pdf Morningside Drive Notice 10-27-21 (142 KB)

Waste and Recycling Collection Calendar for Sustainable Westchester.

The Collection Schedule for garbage collection and recycling days, or download flyers below.

pdf Sanitary Sewer- Flushing Do's and Dont's (115 KB) - Recycling

The Highway Department maintains and repairs Town roads and roadside stormwater drainage systems. These services include snow plowing, sanding/salting, cleaning drainage systems, asphalt paving and patching, street sweeping, brush pickup including leaves, guide-rail maintenance and roadside tree maintenance. In addition, the Highway department can assist residents with street light repairs and answer questions regarding trash collections and recycling.

It is important that all residents keep their trash/recyclables in front of their own property, and on the appropriate day(s) and time. Failure to do so may result in a violation.

Please be aware that Suburban Carting will not pickup any construction debris (i.e., sheetrock, concrete, etc.) and any broken glass. Also, certain household items might require a special pickup and small fee. You can contact Suburban Carting directly at (914) 698-4300 or the Highway Department at (914) 941-2241 so we may advise you accordingly.

Westchester County Household Material Recovery Facility

Westchester County is constructing a permanent Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) on the Grasslands Campus in Valhalla.  Since it opened in January 2012, the H-MRF accepts many of the same wastes collected at the Household Recycling Days, including household chemicals, electronics, Freon containing appliances, scrap tires, BBQ tanks, and confidential documents for shredding.

The H-MRF is open three days a week, including Saturdays, and residents will need to make and schedule an appointment to deliver wastes to the site.  To insure you receive an official announcement of the H-MRF’s opening, days and hours of operation and instructions for scheduling a delivery, residents are encouraged to subscribe to the County’s Environment/Conservation Quick News  Look for and click on “Subscribe.  You can also call the County’s Recycling HelpLine at 914-813-5425.

Glass:Green, brown, or clear bottles. No mirrors, window panes, light bulbs, crystal, pyrex, ceramics, pesticide or herbicide bottles, kitchenware, broken glass. Labels do not have to be removed.

Aluminum and tin containers:Clean aluminum foil and pans and empty aerosol cans. Paint cans, after being completely air dried or solidified with kitty litter or speedy-dri, can be put out with your regular garbage. No aluminum siding, scrap metal, soiled aluminum foil, automobile parts, batteries, wire, or pipes.

Plastics:All #1 through #7 plastic containers used for beverages, detergents, shampoos, etc. should be rinsed, caps removed. No foam, styrofoam, hangers, plastic coded "other," film, vinyl, toys, plastic bags, flower pots. Labels do not have to be removed.

Paper:Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, telephone books, "gray" cereal boxes and clean pizza boxes, tissue boxes, brown paper bags, and all brown corrugated cardboard. No hard/soft cover books, carbon paper, poultry or meat cartons. Do not use plastic bags for recyclables.

Homeowners in the Unincorporated Area of Ossining will have their yard waste collected (in biodegradable bags, NOT in plastic bags), every Thursday and/or Friday. Your yard waste may consist of weeds, shrub trimmings, old flowers, and leftover *leaves but, as always, no grass.

Limbs and branches will also be collected, provided they are no more than 5 inches in diameter and less than 5 feet in length. Please tie the branches- don’t use wire - in manageable bundles facing in the same direction. Oh yes, tree brush trimmings up to 1 inch in diameter will also be collected.

How did this come about? Well, we explored many possibilities. We looked into sharing waste terminals with other communities and decided to collect and dispose of our community’s organic yard waste on our own. Weather permitting and if no emergencies crop up on those days, our Town Highway Department will be collecting yard waste every Thursday and/or Friday.

* Autumn leaves will be collected from October through December by our leaf machine in most areas, except on Route 133 and Route 134 where leaves must still be bagged – in biodegradable paper bags not in plastic bags. If our leaf machine is used in your neighborhood remember to rake your leaves to your property curb line, not into the street.

The Town of Ossining has been complying with the NYS DEC requirements for an MS4 community. This requires completion of several tasks over a period of years.

Find out how you can help the Stormwater Management Program

Please visit the Westchester County website regardingHousehold Material Recovery Daysfor more information on chemical disposal and dates, directions, and items accepted.

Please view the Collection Schedule for garbage collection and recycling days.

Suburban Carting:(914) 698-4300
Highway Dept. Emergencies:(914) 762-6007
County Recycling Hotline:(914) 813-5425
Used but Usable Items:(914) 813-5415
Household Chemicals:(914) 813-5425

Find out how you can help the Stormwater Management Program

Town Board Contacts

Town Supervisor:

Elizabeth R. Feldman
phone (914) 762-6001
fax (914) 762-0833

Board Members:

Jennifer Fields-Tawil
Angelo Manicchio
Gregory G. Meyer
Matthew Weiss

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