Ban the Barges, Protect Our Hudson

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In recognition of our mutual concern for the economic vitality, environmental health, and public safety of the Hudson River and its surrounding communities, we stand united as the Hudson River Waterfront Alliance (HRWA). The HRWA commits to collaborative examination of the local and regional impacts of the proposed anchorage sites; to providing information regarding the proposal to residents and stakeholders; and to utilizing its collective resources to protect and preserve the interests of the Hudson River communities we serve.

Ban the Barges is an advocacy campaign opposing a proposal by the Maritime Association of the Port of New York and New Jersey and the American Waterways Operators to establish 10 or more new barge anchorage sites on the Hudson River from Yonkers stretching up 70 miles to Kingston.

The Yonkers Extension Anchorage Ground would cover approximately 715 acres for up to 16 vessels and provide a vessel swing radius of approximately 1,200 feet for each vessel. This proposal will effectively result in continuous, end-to-end barge traffic or “parking” from the Westchester border straight into Dobby Ferry, with additional parking directly in front of the Indian Point nuclear power facility.

The shores of the Hudson River should be a place where our residents and visitors can gather to live, work and play.  The Hudson River Waterfront Communities oppose this proposal and is asking residents, business leaders, community organizers and others to act on our behalf in preserving our beautiful waterfront.

Map of Anchorage Sites (click on map below to download the full-size PDF map)



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