Revaluation and Reappraisal

Folder Revaluation and Reappraisal


pdf 2017 Neighborhood Delineation Charts Popular

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2017 Neighborhood Delineation Charts.pdf

pdf 2017 Reassessment FAQs Final Popular

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2017 Reassessment FAQs Final.pdf

pdf 2020 Neighborhood Adjustments Popular

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2020 Neighborhood Adjustments.pdf

pdf Asmt Change by Street Location Popular

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Asmt Change by Street Location.pdf

pdf Assessment Change by Owner Popular

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Asmt Change by Owner.pdf

pdf Condition guidelines Popular

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pdf Data Collectors Car Info Popular

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pdf Data Mailer Glossary Popular

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pdf Data Mailer Glossary Spanish Popular

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pdf Data Mailer Reappraisal 2020 Popular

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Data Mailer Reappraisal 2020.pdf

pdf Data Mailer Reappraisal 2020 Spanish Popular

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Data Mailer Reappraisal 2020 Spanish.pdf

pdf E Mail Blast Important Assessment and Tax information Popular

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E-Mail Blast Important Assessment and Tax information.pdf

pdf Income Expense Letter Ossining Popular

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Income-Expense Letter - Ossining.pdf

pdf Income Expense Statement Fillable Popular

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Income-Expense Statement - Fillable.pdf

document MMRC Neighborhood Delineation Procedure Popular

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pdf Neighborhood Delineation Ossining Popular

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pdf Ossining Presentation Tyler Technologies Popular

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pdf Ossining Reappraisal Project Brochure 2020 Popular

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Ossining Reappraisal Project Brochure 2020.pdf

pdf Reval FAQ for Town Hall 4 19 16 Popular

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Reval FAQ for Town Hall 4-19-16.pdf

pdf Revaluation Process Start to Finish Popular

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Revaluation Process- Start to Finish.pdf

Town Board Contacts

Town Supervisor:

Elizabeth R. Feldman
phone (914) 762-6001
fax (914) 762-0833

Board Members:

Jennifer Fields-Tawil
Angelo Manicchio
Gregory G. Meyer
Matthew Weiss

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