Town Clerk

Town Clerk - Mary Ann Roberts

Mary Ann Roberts, Town Clerk
phone (914) 762-8428
fax (914) 801-5303
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16 Croton Avenue
Ossining, NY 10562

Office Hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. The following services are available in the Town/Village Clerk's Office.

Submit your FOIL request online: application for public access to records.

Town of Ossining Schedule of Fees: schedule consists of a compilation and consolidation of provisions pertaining to fees for the various applications, licenses and permits required or provided for under the Town Code, rules and regulations.

document Fee Schedule 2018 (40 KB)

  • Parking Permits:
    • Railroad Station Parking (Annual)
      - For Residents of Town of Ossining only
    • Municipal Lots

NYS Dept. of Health - Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records)

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Senior Services

Senior Nutrition Manager - Kathy Asaro

Kathy Asaro, Site Manager
(914) 762-1350
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Joseph G. Caputo Community Center
95 Broadway
Ossining, NY 10562

Office hours at the Senior Center are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.

pdf Download/Print the Senior Center Monthly Calendar (49 KB)

The Senior Services department offers various assistance programs for health and wellness plus a full schedule of social activities. All programs are open to all Town of Ossining residents sixty years of age or older. Every effort is made to provide transportation, please call for details. The Center is handicapped accessible.

The Senior Center and its activities will be closed whenever the Ossining Public Schools are closed due to weather. Listen to WLNA 1420 AM or WHUD 100.7 FM.

For more information on taxes and exemptions for Senior Citizens age 65 and older, visit the Sliding Scale letter on the Assessor's page.

For questions or further information about any of the programs and services offered, please call the Senior Center between Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.

pdf Click here to download "A Consumer Guide for Seniors" (294 KB)

This brochure developed by the New York State Consumer Protection Board that deals with fraud/scams aimed at the elderly; including scams regarding Travel, Sweepstakes & Lottery, Charity, Work At Home, and Hearing Devices and/or Miracle Cures.

A monthly calendar of events is available upon request from the Ossining Senior Center. A variety of other programs and activities are offered throughout the year. Call the Senior Center for more information or check the Ossining Parks and Recreation seasonal bulletin.

Food Bank of Westchester

Health Services & Programs

  • Nutrition Program - Hot lunch served at the senior center Monday-Friday at 12:00pm in the dining room. $2.50 suggested donation. Please call the Center to make a reservation.
  • Home Delivered Meals - A hot lunch is delivered to eligible homebound seniors Monday-Friday. There is a $3.00 suggested donation. Please call the Center to register.
  • RUOK - "Are You Okay?" - A daily phone call is made every morning to check on seniors. Calls are made at 8:00a.m. or 9:00a.m. Call the Center to register.
  • Grocery Shopping - Transportation is provided to and from the Croton Shop-Rite every Wednesday at 12:30pm after lunch. You must eat lunch at the Center to go. Call the Center to reserve a spot. There is a $2.00 transportation fee.
  • Taxi Coupons - Discount Taxi Coupons are available to Ossining and Briarcliff seniors who were born in 1948 or before. Coupons are $3.00 each, with a limit of 15 coupons a month. You can purchase the coupons at the Center. Call the center for more information.
  • Blood Pressure - A Pharmacist from the Prescription Center of Ossining comes to the center the last Tuesday of every month from 11:00-12:00p.m. to take blood pressure, sugar readings, and to answer any prescription questions.

Senior Activities

  • Bingo - Every Monday, Thursday, and Friday at 12:45p.m. in the dining room. $1.00 a card.
  • Line Dancing - Every Thursday 10:45-11:45a.m. in the dining room.
  • Exercise - Wednesdays at 10:00-11:00a.m. in the gym. Must register through recreation center - $35 for 8 classes.
  • Art Class - Thursdays 1:00-3:15p.m. in the art room.
  • Ossining Golden Age Club #1 - Senior Group meets Tuesdays in the gym at 1:00p.m.

Senior Services - Debbie Klein S.W. is available for information and referrals on Mondays, Wedensdays, and Fridays from 8:30a.m. - 1:30p.m. Call 914-762-7655 for assistance.

Senior Center Programs are sponsored by:
   New York State Department of Health and Human Services
   New York State Office for the Aging
   Westchester County Department of Senior Programs & Services
   The Town of Ossining

Contributions for meals are voluntary and anonymous. If you are unable to meet the suggested amount, we ask that you contribute whatever amound you feel you can afford. No one is denied a meal due to inability or unwillingness to contribute. All contributions are required to go directly back into the nutrition program and are used to help pay for the cost of the meal as well as other meal program expenses

Highway Department

Michael G. O'Connor, Highway Superintendent
phone (914) 941-2241
fax (914) 941-3552
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

85 Old Route 100
Briarcliff, NY 10510

The Town of Ossining Highway Department is located just off of Route 9A at North State Road. Traveling 9A North, take a right onto North State Road. Traveling 9A South, take a left onto North State Road. Take the first right onto Woodside Avenue and an immediate right on Old Route 100. The Highway Department will be on your left.

(For purposes of GPS, please use address 58 Park Road, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510 to locate the Highway Department).

The Collection Schedule for garbage collection and recycling days, or download flyers below.

  pdf 2018 Refuse & Recycling Schedule (197 KB)

Curbside Recycling Guide - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

pdf Sanitary Sewer- Flushing Do's and Dont's (115 KB) - Recycling

The Highway Department maintains and repairs Town roads and roadside stormwater drainage systems. These services include snow plowing, sanding/salting, cleaning drainage systems, asphalt paving and patching, street sweeping, brush pickup including leaves, guide-rail maintenance and roadside tree maintenance. In addition, the Highway department can assist residents with street light repairs and answer questions regarding trash collections and recycling.

It is important that all residents keep their trash/recyclables in front of their own property, and on the appropriate day(s) and time. Failure to do so may result in a violation.

Please be aware that Suburban Carting will not pickup any construction debris (i.e., sheetrock, concrete, etc.) and any broken glass. Also, certain household items might require a special pickup and small fee. You can contact Suburban Carting directly at (914) 698-4300 or the Highway Department at (914) 941-2241 so we may advise you accordingly.

Westchester County Household Material Recovery Facility

Westchester County is constructing a permanent Household Material Recovery Facility (H-MRF) on the Grasslands Campus in Valhalla.  Since it opened in January 2012, the H-MRF accepts many of the same wastes collected at the Household Recycling Days, including household chemicals, electronics, Freon containing appliances, scrap tires, BBQ tanks, and confidential documents for shredding.

The H-MRF is open three days a week, including Saturdays, and residents will need to make and schedule an appointment to deliver wastes to the site.  To insure you receive an official announcement of the H-MRF’s opening, days and hours of operation and instructions for scheduling a delivery, residents are encouraged to subscribe to the County’s Environment/Conservation Quick News at  Look for and click on “Subscribe.  You can also call the County’s Recycling HelpLine at 914-813-5425.

What is Recyclable?

Glass: Green, brown, or clear bottles. No mirrors, window panes, light bulbs, crystal, pyrex, ceramics, pesticide or herbicide bottles, kitchenware, broken glass. Labels do not have to be removed.

Aluminum and tin containers: Clean aluminum foil and pans and empty aerosol cans. Paint cans, after being completely air dried or solidified with kitty litter or speedy-dri, can be put out with your regular garbage. No aluminum siding, scrap metal, soiled aluminum foil, automobile parts, batteries, wire, or pipes.

Plastics: All #1 through #7 plastic containers used for beverages, detergents, shampoos, etc. should be rinsed, caps removed. No foam, styrofoam, hangers, plastic coded "other," film, vinyl, toys, plastic bags, flower pots. Labels do not have to be removed.

Paper: Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, telephone books, "gray" cereal boxes and clean pizza boxes, tissue boxes, brown paper bags, and all brown corrugated cardboard. No hard/soft cover books, carbon paper, poultry or meat cartons. Do not use plastic bags for recyclables.

Yard Waste Pick-up Every Week

Homeowners in the Unincorporated Area of Ossining will have their yard waste collected (in biodegradable bags, NOT in plastic bags), every Thursday and/or Friday. Your yard waste may consist of weeds, shrub trimmings, old flowers, and leftover *leaves but, as always, no grass.

Limbs and branches will also be collected, provided they are no more than 5 inches in diameter and less than 5 feet in length. Please tie the branches- don’t use wire - in manageable bundles facing in the same direction. Oh yes, tree brush trimmings up to 1 inch in diameter will also be collected.

How did this come about? Well, we explored many possibilities. We looked into sharing waste terminals with other communities and decided to collect and dispose of our community’s organic yard waste on our own. Weather permitting and if no emergencies crop up on those days, our Town Highway Department will be collecting yard waste every Thursday and/or Friday.

* Autumn leaves will be collected from October through December by our leaf machine in most areas, except on Route 133 and Route 134 where leaves must still be bagged – in biodegradable paper bags not in plastic bags. If our leaf machine is used in your neighborhood remember to rake your leaves to your property curb line, not into the street.

Highway Department Resources

The Town of Ossining has been complying with the NYS DEC requirements for an MS4 community. This requires completion of several tasks over a period of years.

Find out how you can help the Stormwater Management Program

Please visit the Westchester County website regarding Household Recyclying Days for more information on chemical disposal and dates, directions, and items accepted.

Please view the Collection Schedule for garbage collection and recycling days.

Suburban Carting: (914) 698-4300
Highway Dept. Emergencies: (914) 762-6007
County Recycling Hotline: (914) 813-5425
Used but Usable Items: (914) 813-5415
Household Chemicals: (914) 813-5425


Police Chief Kevin Sylvester
Police Chief Kevin Sylvester

Ossining Police Department - Emergency Dial 911

88 Spring Street, Ossining NY 10562
(914) 941-4099

pdf Application for License Plates or Parking Permits for Persons with Severe Disabilities (297 KB)

New York residents to apply for plates or a parking permit for people with severe disabilities. Requires a medical doctor's signature and certification. Plates are issued at state and county DMV offices, but permits are issued by local governments, not DMV.
*NOTE: Completed applications must be submitted to: Ossining Town Clerk, 16 Croton Ave, Ossining, NY 10562.

pdf Alarm Device Registration Form (104 KB)

This registration form is confidential. The information contained herein cannot be disclosed without your written permission.

Attach $25.00 check with your registration form made payable to:

Town of Ossining Building Department- Alarm Fees
PO Box 1166
Ossining, New York 10562


Building Department

Building Inspector John Hamilton

John Hamilton, Building Inspector
phone (914) 762-8419
fax (914) 290-4656
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John-Paul Rodrigues Operations Center
Route 9A - P.O. Box 1166
Ossining, NY 10562

The John-Paul Rodrigues Operations Center can only be reached from the Southbound lane of Route 9A and is between Route 134 and Route 133. The Town Building Department is on the second floor.

The Town of Ossining Building Department has jurisdiction only in the Unincorporated Area of Ossining (outside the village limits). You must obtain an  pdf Application for Building Permit (234 KB) for any new construction or alteration to any existing structure or residence (including swimming pools, decks, sheds and signs) on your property.

New York State requires a Building Permit whenever a roof is changed on a building, be it commercial or residential. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 914-762-8419.

Construction that does not comply with the Town's Ordinance requires an application for a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals. Subdivisions and Site Plans require approval from the Town Planning Board.

Please visit the pdf Town's Schedule of Fees (40 KB)  for more information on permit fees. The following Permits may be obtained at the Building Department or, if available, at the online Applications & Publications page.

pdf Application for Planning Board (21 KB)

pdf Planning Board Policies (12 KB)

pdf Planning Board Schedule of Fees (54 KB)

pdf Planning Board Calendar 2017 (148 KB)

pdf Application to the Zoning Board of Appeals (31 KB)

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Effective October 3rd, 2016, plans submitted to this office to obtain a building permit must conform to the 2015 version of the International Building Code including the 2016 New York State supplement.

pdf Accessory Apartment Permit (9 KB)

pdf Building Permit (234 KB)

pdf Electrical Permit (29 KB)

pdf Plumbing Permit (34 KB)

pdf Pool Fence Permit (22 KB)

pdf Tree Removal Permit (187 KB)

pdf Tree Removal Procedures (15 KB)

pdf Tree Protection Law - Town of Ossining Code (100 KB)

  • Demolition Permit - apply in person
  • Blasting Permit - apply in person

pdf Ossining Town Zoning Map (339 KB)

Important Reference Documents:
  pdf NYS Law - Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors (28 KB)

  pdf U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning flyer (371 KB)

pdf Updated Swimming Pool Regs (4-2018) (226 KB)

pdf 2017 Swimming Pool Info (67 KB)


Requirements to Obtain A Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy

Download and print the pdf Application for a Bulding Permit (234 KB) .

New York State requires a Building Permit whenever a roof is changed on a building, be it commercial or residential. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 914-762-8419.

To file a Building Permit you must submit the following documentation:

  • A completed, signed and notarized Building Permit application, and the Building Permit  fee.
  • Three (3) copies of sealed and stamped plans by a New York State Licensed Design Professional for the work being performed.  If the project involves an enlargement of a structure or construction of a new structure (including an accessory structure), all zoning setbacks, required and actual, must be shown on the plans. 
  • A copy of the property survey (if doing any type of enlargement to a structure or adding any Accessory Structure such as a Swimming Pool, Garage, Shed, etc.).  The new construction must be drawn, to scale, on the survey to show setback requirements are met.
  • Copy of the homeowners insurance policy (for any work other than a complete, new house) showing you have General Liability coverage.
  • Copy of the General Contractors’ Westchester County Home Improvement License as required by Westchester County, and the contractors Workman’s Compensation Insurance as required by New York State. Per New York State, Acord 25 Form is not acceptable proof of Workman’s Compensation Insurance.
    Note: If you are going to be the General Contractor you must supply a copy of your Workman’s Compensation Insurance unless you are doing the work yourself with no paid assistance by other persons. If that is the case, we have a Waiver form that you will fill out when submitting the application.
  • Code 53 number is required if any digging for footings/foundation with any type of powered tools.  The number is 1-800-962-7962.  They will advise you if there are any underground utility lines where you will be digging and supply you with a Code 53 reference number that you must write on the Building Permit application.

Required Inspections:
The following inspections are REQUIRED during construction.  A Certificate of Occupancy WILL NOT be issued if the inspections are not conducted.  It is the responsibility of the Building Permit Holder to insure the inspections are performed.  Not all inspections listed may be part of your construction (interior alteration may not require footings/foundation or you may not be doing any plumbing, for example), but you MUST get the inspections that pertain to your project:

  • Footings prior to pouring (when formed and with re-bar installed).
  • Foundation – before backfilling and after footing drains are installed, including weatherproofing.
  • Framing
  • Plumbing, Electrical and Insulation.
  • Final (when all work is completed)

Requirements To Obtain A Certificate Of Occupancy:

  • All required inspections as indicated above.
  • An As Built Survey if a new house or if required by this Office.
  • Documentation showing the electrical system passed final inspection by the New York Board of  Fire Underwriters.
  • All Planning Board conditions met if project involved Planning Board approval.
  • A signed and notarized “Final Cost” affidavit. 

Download and print the pdf Application for a Bulding Permit (234 KB) .


Swimming Pool FAQs

Brief Summary of Alarm Requirements for Residential Swimming Pools:

Every swimming pool that is installed, constructed or substantially modified after December 14, 2006 must be equipped with an approved pool alarm which:

  • is capable of detecting a child entering the water and giving an audible alarm when it detects a child entering the water;
  • is audible poolside and at another location on the premises where the swimming pool is located;
  • is not an alarm device which is located on person(s) or which is dependent on device(s) located on person(s) for its proper operation.

A pool alarm must be capable of detecting entry into the water at any point on the surface of the swimming pool. If necessary to provide detection capability at every point on the surface of the swimming pool, more than one pool alarm must be installed.

Pool alarms are not required in:

  • a hot tub or spa equipped with a safety cover, or
  • any swimming pool (other than a hot tub or spa) equipped with an automatic power safety cover.

Specific Swimming Pool Alarm Requirements can be found in 19NYCRR Part 1228 or in the DOS document titled "Current Requirements for Swimming Pools contained in the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (The "Uniform Code")".

Do I Need A Building Permit To Install A Temporary Or Permanent Swimming Pool?
Yes. A Building Permit is needed if a swimming pool exceeds 24” in depth, even if it is a temporary, portable unit that you put up and take down each year. This includes above and in-ground pools, hot tubs, spas, and fixed in place wading pools.

What Information Do I Need To Obtain A Building Permit?

  • Completed Building Permit application.
  • Copy of your property survey showing the location of the proposed pool (may not be closer than 10’ to your property line and may only be in the rear or side yard).
  • Manufacturers specifications and drawings for the pool.
  • A copy of the Declarations Page of your homeowner’s insurance policy showing you have Liabilty coverage on the property.
  • Copy of your General Contractor’s Westchester County Home Improvement Contractors’ License along with a copy of his Workman’s Compensation Insurance police.
  • Name of your Westchester County licensed Electrician (this can also be supplied after permit is issued and before electrical work begins).  Your Electrician must file for a separate permit with this office before electrical work commences.
  • Code 53 number if required (for underground digging – Tel #800-962-7962).
  • Building Permit fee.

Do I Need To Install A Fence or Barrier (Enclosure) Around the Pool?
Yes. Pools greater than 24” and less than 48” in height require an enclosure. Enclosures must be 48” above grade measured on the side of the enclosure that faces away from the pool. The maximum gap from the enclosure to the ground cannot be greater than 2”, and if you put the enclosure on top of the pool the bottom of the enclosure cannot be greater than 4” from the top of the pool. Openings (spaces between pickets e.g.) cannot allow the passage of a 4” diameter sphere. Chain link fences used as an enclosure require a maximum mesh size of 2.25” squares.

Gates installed in the enclosure need a self closing and self-latching system and must open outward (away) from the pool. If the self-latching device is located less than 54” from the bottom of the fence it must be installed on the pool side of the gate at least 3” below the top of the gate, and there can be no openings (slats etc.) greater than ½” within 18” of the latching device.

Can I Use A Wall of My House As Part of the Enclosure?
Yes, but, if you use the house as one part of the fence or enclosure the following applies:

  • Doors that provide direct access to the pool through that wall must be equipped with an alarm that produces an audible warning when the door and its screen are opened.  The alarm must sound for a minimum of 30 seconds immediately after the door is opened and must be capable of being heard in all parts of the house during normal household activities.  The alarm must have a manual deactivation switch to temporarily deactivate the alarm for a single opening and the deactivation cannot last longer than 15 seconds.  The deactivation switch must be at least 54” above the threshold of the door.
  • The pool must be equipped with a power safety cover.

    The above conditions may be waived if other satisfactory means of protection are used that satisfy the intent of the Building Code.

Do I Need To Install A Fence or Barrier (Enclosure) Around the Pool During Construction?
Yes.  During the installation or construction of a swimming pool, such swimming pool shall be enclosed by a temporary enclosure which shall sufficiently prevent any access to the swimming pool by any person not engaged in the installation or construction of the swimming pool, and sufficiently provide for the safety of any such person.  Such temporary enclosure may consist of a temporary fence, a permanent fence, the wall of a permanent structure, any other structure, or any combination of the foregoing, provided all portions of the temporary enclosure shall be not less than four (4) feet high, and provided further that all components of the temporary enclosure shall have been approved as sufficiently preventing access to the swimming pool by any person not engaged in the installation or construction of the swimming pool, and as sufficiently providing for the safety of all such persons.  Such temporary enclosure shall remain in place throughout the period of installation or construction of the swimming pool, and thereafter until the installation or construction of a complying permanent enclosure shall have been completed.  NOTE:  You have ninety days from the date of the building permit being issued to install the permanent enclosure, whether or not the pool itself is completed.

What About Pool Ladders?
Pool ladders or steps must be locked or secured to prevent access.  When the ladder or steps are locked, secured, or removed, any opening created shall not allow the passage of a 4” diameter sphere.

What About Alarms For The Pool?
All new swimming pools must have a pool alarm that sounds an alarm poolside and at another location on the premises where the swimming pool is located.  It must be capable of detecting a child entering the water and give an audible alarm when it detects a child entering the water.  The alarm must be installed and maintained per the manufacturer’s instructions and is classified by Underwriters Laboratory or another approved independent testing agency.

Note: The above rules are subject to change. Please contact our office for additional information as needed 762-8419.

Springtime Reminders

Fences: In the Town of Ossining fences can be up to 6 ½ feet in height. It can be placed on the property line but is to be installed with the more attractive side facing neighboring properties.  Please use an accurate property survey as a guide for placement. No permit is required.

Sheds & Accessory Buildings:  These must be placed no closer than 10 feet from the rear and side property lines in the back yard only.  Buildings that are put on a poured concrete slab require a permit.  Buildings that are larger than 140 square feet require a permit.

Swimming Pools: Please review our "Swimming Pool FAQ" above. Building Permits, Pool alarms and Fences equipped with proper locks are always required.

Dig Safely:  If you plan to dig in your yard you must call “Dig Safely New York1-800-962-7962, there may be dangerous gas, water, or cable lines underground.  This is a free service provided by the State of New York

Tree Permit Required:  Please apply for your tree cutting permit at least 15 days prior to starting any tree removal work, as per Section 183-10D of the Town law . Use an accurate survey to help determine what trees belong to you.

Stormwater: Please report anything that looks like suds, oil, debris or foreign material flowing into our drainage systems and remember it is a violation to fill, obstruct, divert, change or alter the natural flow of waters or drainage systems.