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Dana Levenberg, Town Supervisor
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16 Croton Avenue
Ossining, NY 10562

The Supervisor's Office is located on the third floor of the Town offices. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.


Supervisor's Update- November 16th, 2018

How's everyone doing out there? Last night sure was a rough one, and not just for Ossining (though it seems like we fared better than a lot of our neighboring communities, although it was still a nightmare for many). Our guys are exhausted today-- they plowed through the night and started again at 5AM once the sleet started to fall. 


We are so very grateful to our Highway and Parks crew for being as prepared as they could be for this storm and for working so hard to keep us safe, away from their families and fuzzy slippers. We are also incredibly grateful for our first responders-- the Ossining Police, OVAC and the OFD were out all night long clearing roads, pushing cars, and helping drivers in distress. As many rough commutes as we know some of our neighbors experienced, there were a lot of helpers out there, and I couldn't be more proud of how our community comes together in tough times like these. I am very glad to hear that everyone was safe and there weren't any significant injuries out there.


I have to shout out one helper in particular--our very own Jerry Sullivan from the Town Assessor's Office came to the aid of a stranger last night (as he has been known to do, he is a notorious sweetheart), and it turned out to be my son, on a tough commute home from White Plains. Jerry helped him get his bearings and push his car up a hill when he himself still had a 3 hour drive in front of him. I decided to doctor up a quick thank you for Jerry this morning, who was as humble as could be, but I wanted to share his heroic work with all of you too! Thanks to all of the unsung heroes out there who helped a fellow driver in need-- Jerry is your mascot today.


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Supervisor's Update - November 9th, 2018

The days are getting shorter-- have you noticed? I know I have! When the sun sets so early, we feel a little more urgency in the office, so you've gotta know this was a productive week!


We started off our week with a very exciting occasion-- I was joined by many of my elected colleagues, as well as many community leaders, at the Byington Scholarship Fundraiser on Monday night. Each year, the Ossining Rotary Club holds this event to raise money to later give out to deserving Ossining High School Seniors for college scholarships. They ask local organizations to submit an "Employee of the Year" for this annual event. For 2018, we could think of no Town employee more worthy than my office's own Victoria Cafarelli. Victoria, who has been working for the Town since 2015, has brought such a powerhouse of skills to our team. She has been responsible for our grant writing and many of our environmental initiatives, and she has been successful in not only securing money for the Town to continue to "get greener," but has helped us to consider what we are already doing in new ways. Victoria was also appointed as the Town/Village Interim Clerk this past summer to fill in for Mary Ann Roberts and has now run two elections for the Town. She is an incredible young woman doing a fantastic job for our community, and we had a great time celebrating her this week! Special thanks to Bethany Arts Community for hosting this event.


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Supervisor's Update- November 2nd, 2018

This past week was an incredibly solemn one for our nation, as we stood by in horror and watched the news detail the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last Saturday.  I know I speak for the entire Town Board when I say our hearts go out to all those families who lost loved ones and to those dealing with injuries. The ache goes deep for me. As the daughter of a Hidden Child (my mother was hidden on a farm in Holland, separated from her parents, shortly after her grandfather was taken by the Nazis to perish in a concentration camp), I am the beneficiary of righteous Christians. This family, and others who saved my grandparents, put their own lives on the line to save others from the persecution they faced solely because of their beliefs.  I have lived in freedom in the United States of America, a country that was born out of the rejection of religious persecution.  Instead, the last couple of years we have been living with rhetoric coming from top government officials that has bred hatred and persecution, singling out those seeking to make better lives for themselves, putting others down to prop themselves up, and making heroes out of haters.  We need to come together and demand that we all speak the language of peace and tolerance, love and unity, and break down barriers instead of building them up. We mourn for those lost, and we mourn the loss of leadership that demands the best not the worst in others.  I hope we can use this moment in time to redirect our efforts, support one another, and make our country rich again in the morals and values we have come to expect with the stars and stripes.



Tonight's Haunted Hayride is on as scheduled, and if you didn't make it there last week, do not miss out! It will be altered as we are faced with a very soggy hayride trail and lower field, but the Haunted House is so amazing , we are sure you will not be disappointed! The attraction will be open tonight at 6:30PM and will go until 10PM. All tickets for all hayride times will be honored at the gate.

Haven't bought your ticket yet? No problem. Tickets will be sold at the gate for $10 each. Make sure you wear sensible footwear-- it's going to be warm but probably damp and muddy, but if you ask me, that'll make the scene extra spooky. Stay safe out there, and enjoy the last gasp of Halloween 2018!



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Supervisor's Update- October 26, 2018

We ended this week with some shocking and sad news-- very late Thursday evening, we were informed that Town of Ossining Court Officer Mario Conte passed away very suddenly. Mario was a huge part of the Ossining community-- aside from his work with the Town, he was a local business owner, a 30+ year Village of Ossining Auxiliary Police Officer, a volunteer firefighter, and he worked alongside OVAC, in addition to being a committed family man, a dependable neighbor, and a generous friend. Mario will be a huge loss to our staff and our community, and our hearts are with his family during this incredibly sad time. Court offices will be closed on Monday between 9AM and 12:30PM so that our staff can attend Mario's services.



This week, the Town has been focused on two items-- the 2019 Budget, and the Forest O' Fears Haunted Hayride. The budget is still a work in progress-- we have until Tuesday to submit the Supervisor's Budget (or Tentative Budget) to the Town Clerk, and we anticipate working right up to the deadline! I am pleased to share that all of our department heads submitted thoughtful (and reasonable) requests and that the numbers are shaping up just fine. We still have some time to sharpen our pencils-- the budget does not need to be finalized until late December, which gives us some more time to firm things up with our contractors. Luckily for us, we have no Union agreements outstanding, so we have a very good handle on where we are with personnel costs going into next year. I am incredibly proud of our team in the Town, and I have no doubt that we will continue to provide excellent service at a bargain price in 2019.



Some upcoming dates that may interest you—Wednesday, October 31st, the budget will be available on the Town of Ossining website, and also in hard copy in the Office of the Town Clerk and at the Ossining Public Library. We will be presenting the budget on Tuesday, November 20th as part of our weekly Board Meeting, and the public hearing will be held at the Courthouse on Tuesday, November 27th at 7:30PM. In the meanwhile, the Town Board will be taking time to review the submittals, meet with department heads and make revisions, and those meetings will be open to the public. If you do care to join us, we will be on the 3rd floor of 16 Croton Avenue on Friday, November 9th starting at 12 Noon and ending around 5PM, and Wednesday, November 14th starting at 9:30AM and ending around 1:30PM. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call my office at (914) 762-6001 and we will try our best to answer your inquiries!

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Supervisor's Update- October 19th, 2018

The Town and Village were having some computer issues this week, so it's a good thing we had a lot to do outdoors! 


Our Parks Department has been hard at work over at Cedar Lane Park preparing for the 2018 Forest O' Fears Haunted Hayride. In years past, the event has mainly consisted of a Halloween Village and the hayride trail itself, but this year, we are adding something I think you're really going to like-- the garage building near the Pavilion has been transformed into a two-story haunted house (and yes, I have done a walk through, it is super spooky in there.) However, the building hasn't been used for this purpose before, and has mostly served as one big storage locker for miscellaneous parks equipment, so it was no easy task to get it cleaned out and cleaned up. However, between the hard work of our staff and the Hayride volunteers, the building looks (almost) as good as new!

They even took the opportunity to clean up the back of the garage. WIthout a "Before" picture, it's hard to do this job justice, but trust me when I say, there was some stuff being stored back there and now, you'd never know it!


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Town Board Contacts

Town Supervisor: Dana Levenberg - phone (914) 762-6001 - fax (914) 762-0833

Council Members: Elizabeth Feldman, Gregory G. Meyer, Jackie Shaw, Northern Wilcher Jr.