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Dana Levenberg, Town Supervisor
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16 Croton Avenue
Ossining, NY 10562

The Supervisor's Office is located on the third floor of the Town offices. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 2:30 pm due to COVID restrictions.


Supervisor's Update- August 17th, 2018

Well, there has been a lot on everyone's mind this week, as Ossining has been the site of more than our fair share of hardship and heartache. I want to extend my sincere thanks to Ossining Police Chief Kevin Sylvester and his exemplary officers, along with Ossining Fire Department Chief Angelo Manicchio, Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corps Chief Nick Franzoso, and all of OFD and OVAC's outstanding volunteers. I also want to thank Village Engineer Paul Fraioli and Town Building Inspector John Hamilton (who was pinch-hitting for the Village this week) for keeping cool heads in the face of some very scary stuff-- Ossining is truly fortunate to have you all to call on in times of crisis, and it surely showed earlier this week.


I also want to stress that Ossining is, and always has been, an inclusive community. In March of 2017, the Town Board passed a resolution re-affirming these core beliefs, something that absolutely bears repeating after the events of this Wednesday.


Town of Ossining – Unity Resolution

"Whereas, an increase in hate crimes targeted towards minority groups, specifically immigrants, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and those who observe Islam and Judaism, have increased significantly in the wake of the national election; and

Whereas, administration changes at the Federal level have caused persons from minority groups, specifically immigrants, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and those who observe Islam and Judaism, to feel genuine concern over possible challenges to their civil rights, such as forced registration, an increase in white supremacy sentiments being expressed outwardly, as well as the proposed reversal of the hard-fought battle to legalize gay marriage nationwide; and

Whereas, the United States of America was founded on the principal that all are created equal, and extending the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to ALL those who call this great nation home, regardless of who they love or what they believe; and

Whereas, the Town of Ossining is, and always has been, an inclusive community, unified around the belief that all strive for the same goals: to live in happiness, peace, prosperity and safety; and

Whereas, as elected representatives by and for all of the residents of the Town of Ossining, we have a special obligation to stand up for our constituents and speak out against hate, violence and discrimination against any persons;

Now Therefore be it Resolved, that the Town Board of the Town of Ossining, hereby condemns all hateful speech and violent action directed at Jews, Muslims or those perceived to be Jews or Muslims, immigrants, people of color, or those who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender or questioning; and

Be it further Resolved, that we hereby commit to pursuing a policy agenda that affirms all civil and human rights and ensures that those targeted on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or immigration status can turn to government without fear of recrimination; and

Be it further Resolved that we reaffirm the value of a pluralistic society, the beauty of a community composed of multiple cultures co-existing peacefully, and the inalienable right of every person to live and practice their faith without fear."

Resolución Unificada

"Considerando que, con el aumento crímenes de odio dirigidos hacia grupos minoritarios, especialmente los inmigrantes, personas de color, miembros de la comunidad LGBTQ y quienes observan el Islam y el Judaísmo, han aumentado significativamente a raíz de la elección nacional: y

Considerando que el cambio de administración a nivel Federal esto ha causado que a las personas de grupos minoritarios, especialmente los inmigrantes, gente de color, los miembros de la comunidad LGBTQ y quienes las observan, Islam y judaísmo, sientan verdadera preocupación sobre posibles desafíos a sus derechos civiles, tales como el registro forzoso, e incremento en la supremacía blanca sentimientos que han sido expresados abiertamente, así como la revocación propuesta de lo que ha sido la difícil batalla para legalizar el matrimonio gay en todo el país , y

Considerando que los de los Estados Unidos de América fue fundado en el principio que TODOS han sido creados iguales y con los derecho a la vida, la libertad y la búsqueda de la felicidad a todos aquellos que llaman esta gran nación su hogar, independientemente de quien ellos amen o en lo que ellos creen; y

Considerando, el Pueblo de Ossining es y siempre ha sido una comunidad inclusiva, unificada con la creencia de que todos buscamos los mismos objetivos; para vivir en felicidad, paz, prosperidad y seguridad; y

Considerando que, como representantes elegidos por todos y para todos los residentes del Pueblo la de Ossining, tenemos una obligación especial de defender nuestros electores y hablar manifestándonos en contra del odio, la violencia y la discriminación en contra todas las personas;

Se Resuelve ahora, que el Consejo de ciudad del Pueblo de Ossining, por la presente condena todo discurso de odio y acción violenta dirigida a Judíos, Musulmanes o aquellos que se presumen Judíos o Musulmanes, inmigrantes, personas de color o los identifican como lesbianas, homo-sexuales,bi-sexuales, transgénero o personas en cuestión;y

Ser lo más resuelto, que por la presente se comprometen a perseguir una agenda política que afirma, todos los derechos civiles y humanos y asegura que ellos sobre la base de género, orientación sexual, raza, religión o inmigración el estado pueden convertir al gobierno sin miedo de recriminación; y

A si mismo se resuelve, que reafirmamos el valor de la sociedad pluralista, la belleza de una comunidad compuesta por múltiples culturas que coexisten pacíficamente con el derecho inalienable de toda persona de vivir y a practicar su fe sin miedo."

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Supervisor's Update- August 10th, 2018

And another week comes to an end. You know what that means-- live music at the Waterfront! Tonight, The Mike Risko Band will be taking the stage at Louis Engel Park at 7PM-- will we see you there? Gyro Uno Food Truck will also be there whipping up some delicious dinners, so pay them a visit or bring a picnic and watch one of Ossining's legendary sunsets with your friends and neighbors. We will have another extra special guest this week for the kiddos-- the Home Spun Merry-Go-Round is back in action this week, so come take a (slow) spin!


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Supervisor's Update- August 3rd, 2018

Well, the rain continues to vex us! We had an awesome concert down at Engel Park last night, but the ground was a little soggy. Why on a Thursday? Well, tonight is a big night in Ossining, folks-- the Ossining Fire Department Parade kicks off a 7PM and winds through the Village, ending down at the waterfront. So grab your lawn chairs and come support Ossining's first responders as they march through Town tonight. Even if it's a little drizzly, we know those trucks will be looking fine!


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Supervisor's Update- July 27th, 2018

Well, despite doing our "opposite of rain" dance, the weather gods won and tonight's concert is off. But because KJ is so beloved, we knew we had to deliver. And so...


We hope you will join us, and KJ, on Sunday night at Engel Park. The fun will begin at 6PM, and the weather promises to be much sunnier and drier than it would have been tonight! Extra thanks to our Rockstar-in-Residence KJ for being so accommodating and making time for us later this weekend.


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Supervisor's Update- July 20th, 2018

We are lucky to have another beautiful evening in the cards for tonight's concert on the waterfront. Jigsaww, a band who got their start in Ossining, will be taking the Engel Park stage at 7PM-- come join us for a night of live music right here in Ossining. Jigsaww specializes in covers of your favorite hits, so get ready to sing-- and dance-- along!


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Town Board Contacts

Town Supervisor: Dana Levenberg - phone (914) 762-6001 - fax (914) 762-0833

Council Members: Elizabeth Feldman, Gregory G. Meyer, Jackie Shaw, Northern Wilcher Jr.