Today we are expecting heavy rainfall and high winds associated with Tropical Storm Fay heading up the East Coast. In our area, we can expect potential flooding and flash floods, strong winds, and tropical storm conditions in coastal and marine areas. Please keep an eye on the forecast today. Keep all of your mobile devices charged in case of power outages and remember – do not touch downed power lines! There are several different ways to notify Con Edison in the event of a power outage, including via their website and mobile app. In the Unincorporated Town, our Highway Department is set and ready to get to work if there are downed trees or limbs in the roadways this afternoon. The good news is this storm seems to be fast moving, and we should be in the clear by tomorrow morning. Please stay safe!

Tonight marks our second Summer Concert of the year. Our series moved to a virtual platform since health concerns are a top priority – and the added benefit is that there is no need to cancel due to rain (hopefully our power lines and WiFi will remain strong through the storm)! Concerts are airing on Facebook Live on the Town’s Facebook page each Friday from 7 to 8pm. This week’s concert features Drew Bordeaux. His music is a mix of Southern Rock & 70s Soul with the urgency of Alternative and Grunge Rock. His percussive guitar style is reminiscent of Richie Havens and Dave Matthews, and violin playing fuses his upbringing as a classical musician with elements of blues and rock.  He has played venues of all sizes and shared stages with Daughtry, KT Tunstall, Gin Blossoms, and more. Tonight’s concert is being emceed by Mike Risko – be sure to order your dinners and drinks from some of our great local eating and drinking establishments, then tune in at 7pm for a not-to-be-missed concert!

Concert Series

We share a list of open restaurants every week but we especially want everyone to look it over on Fridays so you can place that dinner order from a local business and enjoy during the concert, right from the comfort of your own home. This list is updated each week and we change the color each time another business is added. Local businesses are working through challenging times so it’s up to us to support them and be patient as they adapt.

List of Businesses Open during COVID19 July9update

Ossining entered Phase 4 this week, the last of the phases outlined by Governor Cuomo’s NY Forward plan. Unfortunately, Phase 4 does not mean everything is back to normal. While case numbers continue to rise across the country, New York is remaining cautiously optimistic and maintaining a gradual reopening. Instructions will continue to come down from the Governor’s office and State Department of Health. I encourage you to continue reviewing incoming information from official sources. To stay up to date, you can sign up for Coronavirus Updates from New York State. Free diagnostic testing is now available for all New Yorkers.

Types of Coronavirus Tests 2

Phase 4 brought some exciting new changes. Gatherings of up to 50 people are now permitted. Masks must still be worn in all public spaces and social distancing rules still apply. Low-risk outdoor arts and entertainment, including zoos and botanical gardens can open. They will operate at 1/3 capacity, including staff. Indoor religious services, arts, and entertainment, including museums and aquariums can open up with 25% capacity. Education was originally included in Phase 4, but Governor Cuomo has adjusted that portion of the phase since most schools are on summer break. He has asked school districts to draft plans for the fall, but an official decision on schools will not be made until the first week of August. Professional sports have permission to return in New York, though stadiums cannot allow fans. Movie production can begin again as well. I know many people were disappointed that gyms and movie theaters were not included in Phase 4. The Governor has outlined his concerns that air conditioners in these types of large-scale establishments can spread the virus. Special filters that can be added to air conditioning units may eventually be used to help these businesses reopen. Malls can open starting today, if they have these enhanced HVAC filtration systems & measures in place.

NY Forward Phases You Are Hereb

Coronavirus cases in New York are some of the lowest in the nation. It is important for us to remain vigilant. As people become more comfortable traveling, we are expecting to see clusters of the virus emerge. Fortunately, there is a plan in place to identify these clusters and get people the information they need. If you get a call from “NYS Contact Tracing,” please pick up the phone. The person on the other line is trained to connect you with vital information if you have been exposed. They can help arrange childcare and eldercare options, and get you paperwork confirming exposure for your employer. These calls are New York’s best defense against a rise in cases. Recently they were used when a cluster was found after a graduation-related event in the county. More cases were able to develop because people were hesitant to speak with Contact Tracers, but we need to change this mindset. Contact Tracers are a safe, confidential way to contain the virus. The “NYS Contact Tracing” caller ID is being used by the Health Department so you will have no doubts about picking up the phone.

learn about CT

This past weekend you may have noticed some patriotic decorations around town. Thank you to all the family that participated in our House Decorating Contest. We’ve selected four winners based on the creativity of the designs. From balloons to buntings, mini-flags to homemade enthusiasm, we believe this was a great way to celebrate the holiday this year. Coronavirus may have stopped us from being able to gather for fireworks, but our community still found a great way to show our spirit.

Winners Poster 

We are also excited to announce that Green Ossining volunteers will be at the Farmers Market every Saturday, starting tomorrow, July 11 from 9:30am - 11:30am (weather permitting). The location will serve multiple purposes: as a food scrap drop-off location for participants in the program, and as a pick-up location for food scrap recycling kits that have been pre-purchased. This has been a goal of our program since we started up in the winter, and we are very excited to finally be able to implement this second location.  Please note kits will not be for sale at the market, and the deadline has passed for ordering for tomorrow’s pick-up. But still, stop by, say hello (from six feet away, of course) to our Green Ossining volunteers, and be sure to place your order for next Saturday.  For more information on how to pre-purchase a food scrap recycling kit, and on the Ossining Composts program visit: This is a secondary drop-off location for food scraps feel free to continue to use Cedar Lane if it is more convenient.

Food Scraps

2020 Town and County Taxes were due on April 30, 2020. Taxpayers who experienced a financial hardship directly attributed to COVID-19 were able to defer payment without penalty up to July 15th  provided they complete a hardship certification (which is available on the Town's website). To avoid penalties, the completed form should be returned with your 2020 Town and County tax payment postmarked by July 15th. If you cannot certify a financial hardship, you may still pay your 2020 Town and County taxes at the reduced penalty of 1% if paid (postmarked) by July 15th. After this date the penalties return to the prescribed (by New York State) schedule of penalties. Please note, these options apply ONLY to the 2020 Town and County tax bill. 

If you have further questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Town Tax Office at (914) 762-8790.  If they are unable to answer the telephone when you call – please do leave a message and they will return your call promptly. The Town Tax Office is here to assist you, and is now available on the 1st Floor, during public office hours Monday through Friday, 9am to 2:30pm, to collect your taxes and to provide you with any tax information you may need – just let the greeter at the front door know that you need to see someone from the Tax Office. Click into the image for a link to a high resolution copy and further information.

TownCounty Prop Tax Relief 2020

More exciting news -- our Cedar Lane Arts Center is getting ready to reopen its doors. Health guidelines and space limitations given by New York State have made our popular classes in even higher demand, so sign up now to get a spot! More detailed class descriptions are available on the Ossining Parks and Recreation website.

Cedar Lane arts

For anyone who owns a business, I would like to remind you that the Town and Village have cloth masks available if you need them. The masks are washable and reusable. We do not want businesses to have to delay opening because they may not have the masks they need. Masks can be requested by calling (914) 762-6002, emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or filling out our easy-access google form in EnglishSpanish, and Portuguese.

Does your business need masks

Every ten years, the United States conducts a Census to assess how many people live in the country. This count is not limited by age, race, primary language, or legal status. Billions of dollars are allocated based on Census results. Reps in the House of Representatives are also chosen based on the results. Since March, we have shared the website and phone numbers you can use to complete the Census. If you take a look at the map below, you can see that the Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on response rates across the county. We need your help to get the word out. Copy the language options and share on social media. Challenge your friends to complete the Census. It takes only 10 minutes. We need to make a concentrated effort to reach our relatives and friends and neighbors.

English: or 844-330-2020
TDD (Telephone Display Device): 844-467-2020
Portuguese: or 844-474-2020 
Spanish: or 844-468-2020
Chinese: or 844-391-2020 (Mandarin) 844-398-2020 (Cantonese) 
Vietnamese: or 844-461-2020
Korean: or 844-392-2020
Russian: or 844-417-2020
Arabic: or 844-416-2020
Tagalog: or 844-478-2020 
Polish: or 844-479-2020 
French: or 844-494-2020 
Haitian Creole: or 844-477-2020 
Japanese: or 844-460-2020

For more language options, visit the US 2020 Census website’s language center: The Census is a new concept for many people. Remember: it is a count of each resident and is completely confidential by law. 

US map

We have received fewer calls about fireworks now that the 4th of July has passed, but are often still hearing them at night. As a reminder, fireworks are illegal in Westchester County.  Additionally, healthcare workers have just worked for four months straight to get Coronavirus numbers down and reduce the number of people in hospitals. When you shoot off illegal fireworks you take a dangerous risk, not only to yourself but to our EMTs, homeowners, local healthcare professionals, police officers, and firefighters. You also contribute to the single biggest cause of animals being lost – the frightening sounds disorient them and they get hurt wandering streets trying to get back home.


Our phones have been ringing off the hook with questions about our parks. Phase 4 allows low-risk recreational activities, and we know people are excited to get back outside. Ossining sports fields are open for baseball, softball, and other activities. While group athletics are allowed, direct person-to-person contact should be avoided. That means shooting hoops is okay, but a full basketball game is not. Practicing soccer skills is great, but a pickup game with teams is not advisable. All park users must wear their masks at all times. The only exception to this rule is the Spray Park, when use is required unless in the spray area.


Our spray park reopened this week with a new set of guidelines to help parents and kids stay safe. Please review the Spray Park rules before visiting. You must sign in, participate in a brief health screening, and provide contact information to the Park attendant. This information is being collected in the event a cluster emerges in our community and contact tracers need to identify other Spray Park users. The Spray Park is open 7 days a week, from noon to 7pm. 

Spray Park rules

We also received a lot of calls this week about the Dog Park. The Dog Park at Cedar Lane is now open. As a reminder, there is no fee to use the dog park if you are an Ossining or Briarcliff resident, however all dogs MUST be licensed with the Town of Ossining or Village of Briarcliff, at which point you will be given a dog park tag for the year.  And yes, all dogs over the age of 6 months must be licensed per New York State Law!  Owners must wear a mask at all times. For a full list of rules related to the dog park please see our Dog Park Local Laws. Dog licenses are issued through the Clerk’s offices. Apply or first time registration here (certificate of rabies vaccination required). To renew a dog license, apply here.

Dog Park

Starting tomorrow, July 11th, we will be accepting permit applications for our pavilions and picnic areas. Gatherings are still limited and masks are required when you cannot maintain 6 foot distancing, but these open air venues might be just the thing for a safe, small party as long as you can maintain it. Pavilion rentals can be done online here.

We have recently had an increase in calls about the lack of mask wearing and social distancing taking place in our parks. I would like to remind everyone that the fears we faced in March are currently being felt in over 30 states in our country. We do not want to backslide on our progress and add further stress to the healthcare community. The safety practices are in place to protect us from more close downs. Largely, the burden is on all of us to look out for one another. If you see something, say something. Feel free to call our community partners and enforcement agency, the Ossining Police Department, at (914) 941-4099, if you believe there are unsafe practices in our Parks and Public Spaces. If you wait to get home or post to Facebook, it will be difficult to help with enforcement. Our actions today will have a direct impact on our health.


I would like to remind everyone especially about the importance of mask wearing. This was a particularly muggy week and I know that can make the masks uncomfortable, but it is still very important to wear them. In March, health officials did not immediately recommend mask wearing for the general public, but some evidence suggests that if mask wearing had been recommended earlier, literally tens of thousands of lives could have been saved across the country. As the number of cases increases, this guidance is as important as ever.  Wearing a mask is crucial. For young children, who are less likely to understand social distancing rules, try brightly colored masks made from handkerchiefs or with patterns cut from a t-shirt. Wearing a mask requires some getting used to - do not wait until returning to your office or classroom to start. Disposable masks get the job done but there are also some great tutorials for homemade masks out there.

Mask Monday 2

Help your kids break their screen-time streak and improve their reading skills. Ossining students can request “book bundles” as part of an innovative solution to these trying times. Students or guardians can fill out the book bundle application to help identify their favorite stories. The answers will be used to introduce readers to new stories, available for pickup or delivered to your home! 

Book Bundles

If your child borrowed a book before students were sent home in March, it is important to return it. Books should be brought back to your child’s school. Call the school building for drop off times. 

Book Return eengBook Return eeng

Now for some events – some near, some far, and most virtual!

From Monday, July 13 to Thursday July 16th, you can watch a free livestream of Prince Among Slaves, a film about the true story of Prince Abdul-Rahman's, who was captured in Guinea on the West Coast of Africa in 1788. The story follows him as he is sold into enslavement on a tobacco farm in Mississippi and his campaign for his freedom and the freedom of his family. The Award-Winning movie can be watched for free with registration through the Our Common Beliefs website. 

Prince Among Slaves

On Saturday, July 18 from 9am - 3pm, Star of Bethlehem Church is partnering with Open Door Medical Center to provide free COVID-19 testing in the church parking lot at 304 Spring Street in Ossining. Walk-ups are welcome but making an appointment is encouraged. No insurance is required to get tested and the event is not limited to parishioners. You can sign up for an appointment at under the events tab. 

Health Fair

The Gullotta House is celebrating its 5 year anniversary. Join them July 24 at 7pm at the Briarcliff Manor for their annual fundraiser (postponed from an April date) with an dinner, silent auction, live entertainment, dancing, and honoring five Unsung Heroes who have made an impact in the community and helped Westchester residents in need. This year, I am honored to have been named an Unsung Hero myself, joining a fabulous line-up of others who give of themselves daily to help our community.  Congratulations in advance to: Irene Amato, Perry DiNapoli, Cinthia Gullotta, and Laura Rey Iannarelli. Tickets are $125 after July 5th and the number available is limited. Register at


Every Wednesday at 8:30pm, the Crossover Yoga Project is offering free livestreamed Evening Mediation to help us get through the summer. You can follow their Facebook event page for upcoming class dates. 


Save the date for this August's fundraiser from Ossining Matters. Details on the movie and location are forthcoming.

Drive in

Information about what’s available right now to help people is included in our easy-to-access COVID-19 Resources Document. This is a joint effort by the Town and Village to organize information during this hectic time. The document lists information on legal assistance, WiFi access, services for seniors, and much more. If you cannot find what you need in this doc, you are welcome to reach out to the Town offices. Our Town staff is responding to all calls and emails.



Food distribution has continued throughout Ossining, but many locations and times have shifted. As Ossining begins Phase 4, the Community Center will shift toward recreation programs. Food distribution is coordinated through many different agencies, so take a look at the summer options available. Today, starting at 4:00 Gullotta House is distributing hot meals in the Shop & Shop parking lot.

GH Free Community Meals 071020

On Monday, July 13 Gullotta House is distributing hot meals in partnership with Ossining CAP. Distribution will be in the Stop & Shop parking lot starting at 5:30.

GH Free Community Meals 071320 WestCOP

On Tuesday, there are three pickup locations running during the day. The organizations managing these distributions are below the graphic.

Food distro no VOO 7.8.2020

For children under 18, the Ossining School District is continuing their summer food program Monday through Friday at Park School (22 Edward St, Ossining).

OUFSD Food distro

The Ossining Food Pantry offers food and gift cards to the Ossining Farmers Market. The Pantry is expanding their list of recipients, providing fresh produce, and delivering meals and gift cards to residents who need an extra hand. You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply or for more information. As a reminder, all food distribution programs are for Briarcliff residents too.

OFP DLevenberg Supervisor Town of Ossining

Please continue to be safe out there and have a great weekend.


If your business, non-profit, or community group has an event that you would like to submit to be a part of the Supervisor's Update, please e-mail a flyer and brief description to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are happy to pass along events that provide a benefit to the community and support our local economy. Thank you for helping us to highlight all the best Ossining has to offer!

Town Board Contacts

Town Supervisor: Dana Levenberg - phone (914) 762-6001 - fax (914) 762-0833

Council Members: Elizabeth Feldman, Gregory G. Meyer, Jackie Shaw, Northern Wilcher Jr.