Hard to believe we are in the middle of August already! This has been a very warm summer and we hope you are getting some time away from work to enjoy it with family and friends.

Ossining Public Library (Lower Level) at 7:30 PM

(Remember to come to the back entrance of the library)

As you are aware, the Town Hall Meetings are YOUR opportunity to discuss with the Town Board any issue that is important to you.

The agenda below are items on which we’d like to update you:

  • Update on the announcement that the Town is investigating (with many other communities in Westchester) the possibility of the assessment revaluation of all properties (residential and commercial)
  • Short updated presentation on facts concerning Districts 17 & 20, using the 2012  tax numbers, apples to apples on administration costs, debt of each community.
  • Comments and open mic on the discussion of the proposed law changing the position of Highway Superintendent from elected to appointed.

Supervisor's Update for the Town of Ossining

August 13, 2012

As mentioned above, our next Town Hall Meeting will be held on August 21, 2012. Please know that we have sent many reminders, posted it on the web page, and speak about it at every meeting but in this crazy busy world, one more reminder never hurts.  In fact, here is the list of scheduled Town Hall Meetings for the rest of 2012:

- October 2, 2012
- November 8, 2012

We hope to see all of the residents of the Town of Ossining (Village of Briarcliff, Village of Ossining and the unincorporated area of the Town) at these meetings.

We are moving along with our many infrastructure issues.  We have been very pleased with the savings we are seeing with the competitive bids for work. The expertise of both engineer Paul Fraioli and Water Superintendent Andy Tiess from the Village of Ossining have helped us cut costs of projects by eliminating redundancies of project management and oversight.  As a team, they have been a tremendous asset when it comes to evaluating our infrastructure as we handle both new and existing issues.

The “S” Curve on Old Albany Post Road is expected to be completed this week. The Water Main Installation on Cedar Lane and Stormytown Road bids came back with such competitive numbers that we were able to reduce the total project cost from $550,000 to $450,000. The drainage issue on North State Rd will begin work in the next two weeks.

Whether managing a municipality or a business, there exists a paramount need for structure, scheduling and a team effort to accomplish goals in a cost effective manner, while keeping quality controls in place.  It is crucial that everyone works towards a common goal for the benefit of the entire community.

This municipality works on the basis of team effort; it is the responsibility of each manager to run his/her department in an efficient and organized manner while working with other departments to accomplish the goals of the community.

In the case of the Highway Superintendent, we have also heard that the cost of an appointed employee might be higher than the $89,500 now paid to the current elected official.  As we have stated, we need to determine  the job description of the appointed head of the Highway Department (should the community vote in November in favor of eliminating the elected position); if being an engineer were to be part of said description, then we would reallocate the monies now budgeted for that job.

The cost savings may not only be in the salary of a specific individual, but rather in the overall savings of getting scheduled activities completed in the most cost effective and efficient manner,  properly planning and executing projects, dealing with emergencies (snow and flooding as examples) and most importantly, working with the other department managers to accomplish these goals in a business like, efficient, non-territorial and non-political manner. 

The present conditions under an autonomous Highway Superintendent who decides when and how projects are executed without consideration of other department  managers and their goals and objectives often causes delays, miscommunication, and at times, increased cost to the Town.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Town Hall Meeting,


Town Board Contacts

Town Supervisor: Dana Levenberg - phone (914) 762-6001 - fax (914) 762-0833

Council Members: Karen D'Attore, Elizabeth Feldman, Jackie Shaw, Northern Wilcher Jr.