70 degrees, that's better! Do you ever notice how much more awake everyone feels on days like this? OK-- that may also be because it's a Friday, and there is a lot going on in Ossining this weekend, starting with a ton of live music tonight! If you plan to stay in Town, Joe Krzyzewski will be playing live at First Village Coffee on Main Street between 7PM and 8:30PM. You could also take a quick trip up Route 9 and check out Ossining resident Mark Fineberg performing with The Hit Men at the Paramount Theater tonight at 8PM-- there is still time to get tickets!



We have an awful lot happening in Ossining this weekend, but I'll get back to that shortly. Here's a little info on what we've been up to this week.


On Monday, I attended a small celebration at the new site of Neighbors Link in Ossining. We are so excited to have this organization sited here so they can continue to provide excellent support programs for our community, from legal support, to making sure protections are in place for safe and fair working conditions and housing, language support, parenting and more, they offer so much. They have been partnering with local churches, the school district, county, Village and Town and we hope this new space will ensure they have even more of an opportunity to help those in our community who need them.




On Tuesday, I participated in a press conference with Congresswoman Nita Lowey, Mayor Victoria Gearity, and Executive Director Howard Milbert at the Ossining Children’s Center to announce additional federal funding in the Omnibus Budget Bill for childcare.  Safe, affordable childcare is critical to the success of families, now more than ever. We are so grateful for all the work Congresswoman Lowey has done to enhance and protect funding for supports that make a difference in the lives of our community members.


On Wednesday and Thursday, our Parks, Highway and Cemetery staff visited the Armory for their annual safety training. Last year, we began working with an outside consultant to do these trainings, and to prepare the corresponding programs, for us. These guys covered a lot of ground this week-- they reviewed proper HAZMAT and emergency response protocols, discussed working with sometimes hazardous chemicals in the workplace, the warning signs of workplace violence, and quite a bit more. All of the guys were asked to bring their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) along, and each got some personal attention from our facilitator in making sure everything is properly fitted.



Aside from dusk masks, the PPE that our staff use the most often is hearing protection. They also got some instruction on how noise at work can cause permanent damage over time and had to demonstrate to the instructor that they knew how to (properly!) insert ear plugs and wear ear muffs. It's always surprising to learn about how much noise we are exposed to on a daily basis, even here in the suburbs! Throw some of this equipment into the mix and hearing protection is a must.


Besides participating in this training, the Parks Department has been flying around Town working on a variety of projects to get us ready for the warmer weather! After attaching new floats to the 40-ft section of dock, they rebuilt the two 20-ft sections (check out the photos from last week's update) and added a new 10-ft section. The hope is to have all 4 sections in the water later today.



In addition, they have been burning the midnight oil to get the Engel Park electric car charging station finished up in time for Earth Day (Saturday, April 21st). Aside from digging the hole and setting the foundation for the station itself, we also needed to call in our annual bidder to run the conduits to get it wired up.

Come see it in action at the grand unveiling next weekend!



Yesterday, I participated in a meeting with the President of ConEd and many elected officials as well as police chiefs, DPW superintendents, and others to discuss the response to storms Riley and Quinn.  Much information was shared by the Westchester communities about areas we believe ConEd should focus on for improving storm hardening efforts and response. 

While in comparison to other communities, Ossining was not as hard hit, we do believe there is a lot of room for improvement. Hopefully between our efforts to communicate yesterday with ConEd, collaborative efforts with our county and state legislative representative to communicate expectations with the Public Service Commission (PSC), and appearing at PSC hearings, we will start to see some changes.  Of course we are even more hopeful that these storms come less frequently!



This morning, I joined with Assemblywoman Sandy Galef, Senator David Carlucci, Mayor Victoria Gearity, Ossining Police Chief Kevin Sylvester, and the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections Anthony Annucci, as well as Superintendent of Sing Sing Correctional Facility at Sing Sing to recognize fallen officer John Hartye and James Fagan, killed in the line of duty 77 years ago during an escape by three convicts. 


This annual ceremony is a time for us to reflect on the tough circumstances these brave men and women in Corrections and in the Police Force face every day, never knowing exactly what might happen.  We are so grateful for all those who put themselves in harm’s way to protect all of us and keep our community safe.


Finally, in an exciting reminder that summer will indeed come, I met with our new Superintendent of Recreation Bill Garrison this morning to discuss the Summer Concert Series for 2018. We had asked for folks to apply throughout the month of February and then turned all of the applications over to the Ossining Arts Project, who ranked all of the applicants (nearly 40!) and sent us their recommendations. For this summer, the general consensus seems to be that preference should go to Ossining bands first and foremost, with the Independence Day Fireworks show and the remainder going to non-local bands who were rated highly by OAP. After going over some scheduling constraints, I handed the reins over to Bill and he will take it from here! We hope to have more news to share on this shortly.



So, bring on the weekend! Tomorrow (Saturday, April 14th) marks a long-awaited day in Ossining-- JCYS Litle League Opening Day! The parade steps off from Roosevelt School at 8:30AM and snakes up to Veteran's Park. Be sure to pick a spot along the route so you can wave to Ossining's youngest athletes and your elected officials, who will be out marching right beside the lil' sluggers.



After the parade, why not swing down to the Community Center and lighten your load? The Westchester County Mobile Shredder will be visiting the Joseph G. Caputo Community Center tomorrow (Saturday, April 14th) between 10AM and 1PM. Bring up to 4 file-sized boxes of paper (no paperclips/ binderclips/bindings please!)-- they will take your papers and shred them right before your eyes! Remember, this is for residential shredding only, no businesses.



Got some extra stuff lying around that may be ready for a new home? The Briarcliff Congregational Church will be accepting donations this coming week for their rummage sale on April 21st-- now's as good a time as any to get into Spring Cleaning!


Now what to do with all that extra space? Consider stopping by the Girl Scouts Community Tag Sale and finding some new treasures while helping out our local scouts.







I was lucky enough to snag tickets to "Dry Powder" at the WCT building this past weekend, and it was exceptional. If you didn't make it last week, this weekend is your last chance!




The first walking tour this year of the historic Sparta neighborhood at the south end of Ossining will be held on this Sunday, April 15. The tour will begin at the Jug Tavern (Rockledge Avenue and Revolutionary Road, behind the CVS) at 1 p.m. with a showing of the video “The Battle for Sparta.” Participants will then walk about six blocks through the neighborhood learning about the historic homes in the landmarked district; the tour will end at around 3 p.m. Dr. Alan Stahl, a neighborhood resident and chair of the Village of Ossining Historic Preservation Commission, who teaches in the History Department of Princeton University, will lead the tour. The tour is free, but participation is limited to 20 people. For a reservation or further information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Haverstraw Bay is the widest, shallowest spot on the Hudson River. With almost 18 square miles of water, it constitutes an enormous watershed -with iconic hills, smokestacks, headlands and other features. This Sunday (April 15th) at 2PM, local history expert (and Town of Ossining Historian) Scott Craven will discuss the various features of Haverstraw Bay and explain what they are and why they are important. This program is cosponsored by the Briarcliff Public Library and the Briarcliff Manor- Scarborough Historical Society. Registration is recommended but all are welcome to attend. To register, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the library at 941-7072.





Wanna get even more out of Earth Day this year? We are thrilled to welcome back Wildman Steve Brill to Green Ossining's 8th Annual Earth Day Festival where he will be giving foraging tours of Crawbuckie Preserve.  Naturalist-Author "Wildman" Steve Brill has been leading foraging tours in parks throughout the Greater NY area since 1982, for the public, for schools, libraries, parks departments, day camps, scouting groups, teaching farms, museums, environmental organizations, and more. TWO TOURS will be available this year: 9am and 2pm. Children are $10 and Adults are $15. Green Ossining is subsidizing the cost to keep registration prices low. ADVANCE REGISTRATION  is required, so check it out here.









Town Board Contacts

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