We are almost through the worst of it! The snow is expected to slow down in the next hour or two and be completely done falling by 4AM at the latest, so just a few more hours until we can get to shoveling and call this a bad dream. Because, let me tell you, it's ugly out there.



If you've ventured outside (and I don't suggest it!), you know that this is some wet, heavy snow we're getting now. Our plow guys are starting to report downed limbs, so unfortunately we may see another round of power outages- we already have a handful of large ones reported. If you experience an outage, call 1-800-75-CONED to open a ticket, and check the interactive Outage Map for information updated every 15 minutes. Even if you believe your neighbors have reported, please call it in yourself as well. You can also text the word "REG" to "OUTAGE" on you smartphone, or download the Con Ed app (if it's your first time, you will have to have your account number handy to get started). As always, if you do see a downed power line, report it to Con Edison and then to the local police (OPD can be reached at 914-941-4099 for non-emergencies, but always call 911 if you need emergency assistance.)



In the event that you do experience an outage, you will want to have extra batteries, flashlights, and charged devices handy, so get ready now just in case. We still have a lot of night ahead of us! If you or a neighbor have medical needs that require constant electricity, please call the Ossining Police and let them know-- if you do lose power, they can help you find alternate arrangements if need be. Please also know that the Warming Center at the Community Center has been closed for the evening due to lack of attendance, which is probably a good thing! We will update you tomorrow on hours for Thursday.




It probably goes without saying, but we are seeing extremely dangerous driving conditions out there and you should stay off the roads unless you are experiencing an emergency (in which case, call 911). Be sure to observe all parking regulations where you live-- the Village of Ossining is still under a Snow Emergency, which means no parking on specific marked streets (see the list here), and there is no overnight parking allowed anywhere in the Unincorporated Town until March 31st.



By now, you probably know the clean-up shpiel by heart, but just in case-- PLEASE do not clear off your car into the street or shovel your driveway/ sidewalk into the roadway. It's dangerous and inconsiderate, not just to our plows but to emergency responders and your neighbors. It's been a tough week for all of us, please be kind. If you have a contractor who takes care of this for your home or business, you'll want to remind them as well. We wouldn't stress this so regularly if it didn't keep happening, so please consider your role in the global clean-up effort.



The Town Offices will be on a 1-hour delay tomorrow (Thursday, March 8th) for all non-essential storm personnel, and the Village of Ossining Offices will be on a 2-hour delay. We will update you here and on the Town of Ossining Facebook page tomorrow morning with more information as it becomes available. Also, keep your eyes on the Ossining Police Department page, as they will have the most up to date information on all operations throughout Ossining for the storm's duration.


But for now, hang tight, grab a book and a mug of tea, and let's ride this out. It will be springtime before you know it!