We are still plugging along here in Ossining and while we are not yet out of the woods, we continue to work with our Con Edison liaison to remind them of the areas that are still without power (largely in the 9A/134 neighborhood, as well as on Ganung Drive, although there are a few "singletons" related to very specific damage that are also awaiting restoration.

We are fresh off of the Con Ed Municipal Conference Call, and here is some good news to share:

  • The number of residents without electricity throughout Westchester is just above 40K as of this morning, down from well over 100K yesterday.
  • We have been able to secure a generator for the traffic light at the 9A/134 intersection.
  • Con Ed has secured 294 contractors (they work in teams of two) from outside our service area, and another 97 have entered the region, including 66 linemen from Asplundh, who are serving as both "cut and clear" AND "restoration" crews. A request for 500 additional resources has been called in anticipation of the forecasted snow (more on that in a minute) and we are confident that these crews will stick around to get us through the week.
  • There is a dry ice distribution location in the KMart Shopping Center in Yorktown (355 Downing Drive), they will be there until 6PM tonight. The New Rochelle City Hall location, along with a location at Eastchester Avenue/Waters Place (adjacent to the transit yard) in the Bronx, will also be open until 6PM tonight.
  • Club Fit Briarcliff is still welcoming non-members to stop by and shower (bring your own towels please) and charge your devices. The Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce Office at 2 Church Street is offering free work space until 3PM today if anyone needs it, and the Joseph G. Caputo Community Center will be open as a warming/showering center from 7AM until 10PM every day this week.

Unfortunately, as some of you know, not all the news is good. Parts of Ossining are still without power, although we do have a crew in Town at this moment. We have heard from some residents that they have had power all along and have lost it within the last two hours-- please know that this is likely temporary, and is a good indication that is a crew is restoring elsewhere in your neighborhood. If your power does not come back within a few hours, please call Con Ed (1-800-75-CONED) and get a ticket number. I also encourage you to check the interactive outage map to see if there have been updated restoration times for your area. Con Ed is standing by their Tuesday, 11PM restoration time for 90% of affected customers.

There have also been a few issues with text messages indicating that power has been restored to a neighborhood when, in fact, it had not. The explanation we were given is that power being restored to a general area is what prompts that text message, but there may be outliers. If you got such a text and did not have your service restored, they are advising two courses of action. First, be sure that the service from the street to your home is intact. If this is not the case, you may  want to consider hiring an electrician now so that when power is fully restored, you will be ahead of the game. Second, let Con Ed know that you in fact do not have power. If all appears in place, please call Con Ed and get another ticket.

Another complicating factor is that we are expecting snow on Wednesday, although it is yet unclear just how much snow. Con Ed has assured us they are working to get the vast majority of our locations re-energized prior to the accumulation. Our local liaison as well as our Ossining PD and Highway crews have been doing all that they possibly can to keep the focus on Ossining with the crews we have and to keep our resources dedicated to getting this fixed as expeditiously as we possibly can.

As we have more information, we will be sharing it here and on the Town's Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for their patience, and thanks to the Ossining Police Department, the Town of Ossining Highway Department and the Town Parks staff for their hard work throughout the weekend.