We are monitoring the weather reports closely and it looks like the snow is coming our way, fast and furious. We're expecting to get a small amount starting around 6AM, with hourly accumulations ramping up to between 1 and 3 inches per hour starting a little later Wednesday morning and lasting into the early evening. We are expecting the snow to end during the wee hours of Thursday morning, but we will be in touch early tomorrow with more information as we hear it.


As the heavier snow is not expected to begin until late morning, the Town of Ossining plans to open on time tomorrow (Wednesday, March 21st), but depending on how the day shakes out, we very well may be sending non-essential staff home early, depending on what we think is the safest option.


The Village of Ossining has declared a Snow Emergency effective 7AM tomorrow morning, which means that there is no standing, stopping or parking allowed on designated Snow Emergency streets. Here is a cheat sheet of those streets for your reference:


Broad Avenue, South From South Highland Avenue to State Street 
Croton Avenue, Both Sides, Entire length 
Dale Avenue, Both Sides, Entire length 
Edward Street, West Side, From Broad Avenue to Washington Avenue 
Everett Avenue, South Side, From South Highland Avenue to Spring Street 
Ferris Place, West Side, Entire length 
Lafayette Avenue, South Side, From Spring Street to State Street 
Main Street, Both Sides, Entire length 
North Highland Avenue, Both Sides, Entire length 
Pleasantville Road, Both Sides, Entire length 
Secor Road, Both Sides, Entire length 
South Highland Avenue, Both Sides, Entire length 
Spring Street, West Side, Entire length 
State Street, West Side, Entire length 
William Street, South Side, From South Highland Avenue to State Street


The Snow Emergency will remain in effect until further notice.


As for the Unincorporated Town, please note that there is no overnight parking allowed through March 31st, so for everyone's safety, please do not leave your car parked along the roadside-- the OPD will be out enforcing during the storm.


The good news? The snow is expected to fall at a steady rate, which hopefully will help us avoided white-out conditions, and we are hopeful that most of the branches and brush that were a little tentative have already come down in the last several storms. That being said, we can never know what we'll be up against until it gets here, so we will be in touch with our "Storm Survival" tips tomorrow morning.


In the meanwhile, why not join us for the Town Hall Meeting tonight? We will start a little earleir than usual at 7PM in the Budarz Theater of the Ossining Public Library with a packed agenda focused on sustainable energy efforts in our community, I do hope you'll join us. Meetings from the Library cannot be livestreamed, so if you miss us in person, check the YouTube channel in about 48 hours and catch up on what you missed!