It was brought to our attention that on Wednesday, June 5th, several trucks were parked under the 9A overpass at Cedar Lane during the morning commute, making it difficult for traffic to safely pass.


Our understanding from the Ossining Police Department is that a call was placed to OPD at 8:21AM to report this issue. That call resulted in officers being dispatched to 9A proper rather than Cedar Lane. Those officers arrived on 9A within minutes. Around 5 minutes after the initial call, two more calls were received by the police department and officers were redirected to Cedar Lane. The reporting officer found that no trucks were not blocking the roadway, but asked the foreman to have all of the trucks moved from the shoulder. The time between the first phone call and the resolution of the issue was 23 minutes. This morning, the Chief of Police personally inspected the site was to observe traffic conditions so that any issues could be addressed proactively.


Residents followed the proper protocol by contacting the police department about this immediate safety concern. As always, the Supervisor’s Office is available to work on solutions to problems of a more chronic nature—please email Town Supervisor Levenberg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office at (914) 762-6001 and we will be happy to direct the information to the proper Town or Village department.