May 3rd, 2016- 7:30PM

Municipal Building

16 Croton Avenue, Ossining NY 10562


Presentation: Mural & Poster Contest Winners 

Work Session:

  1. Proposed KnoxBox Law: John Hamilton
  2. Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Discussion: John Hamilton
  3. Building Department Update: John Hamilton
  4. Proposed Changes to Fee Schedule: Escrow Accounts, Pre-Planning Meeting Charges, Indigent Burials
  5. Overview of OVAC/ Mid Hudson Ambulance District Services- Chief Nick Franzoso
  6. Local Laws pdf #4 (7 KB) & pdf #5 (10 KB) : Final Review
  7. Review of Elected/ Appointed Officials Calendars for 2016
  8. Requested Legislation to Re-Distribute Mortgage Recording Tax- Kim Jeffrey

  pdf Special Meeting (112 KB)

Request for Executive Session: Contracts, Personnel