Applications are available online or in the Supervisor's Office at 16 Croton Avenue. Interested candidates should submit an application by email to Maddi Zachacz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or in person at 16 Croton Avenue by 4:00PM on Friday, February 9th, 2018.


GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Operates an automotive vehicle transporting the public on assigned routes to public facilities; performs unskilled work in the serving of food at Nutrition sites for senior citizens; does related work as required.



DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS: This is manual work of average difficulty requiring skill in the operation of an automobile or small van. The operator is responsible for the safety and conduct of the passengers. The work is performed under general supervision.


EXAMPLES OF WORK: (Illustrative Only)

  • Operates an automobile or van on a regular schedule or on special occasions;
  • Checks the operating condition of the automobile before starting on a trip;
  • Reports any operational defect to immediate superior;
  • Keeps interior and exterior of vehicle clean and neat;
  • May be required to operate a station wagon or other similar vehicle;
  • May be required to perform minor maintenance tasks on the vehicle;
  • May maintain records of mileage, routes, times and incidents;
  • May prepare and maintain maps of routes and pick-up routes;
  • Serves prepared food as delivered by caterer or cooked at on-site kitchen;
  • Sets tables and serves food from steam tables;
  • Clears tables of dirty dishes, cleans tables, chairs serving tables & other equipment;
  • May prepare sandwiches, salads and vegetables;
  • Fills sugar bowls and salt & pepper shakers.


REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND ATTRIBUTES: Good knowledge of driving safety practices and traffic laws and regulations; ability to operate an automobile or van under difficult driving and road conditions; ability to make minor repairs to the vehicle; ability to understand and follow simple oral and written directions; mechanical aptitude; mental alertness; dependability; familiarity with the proper method of serving food; ability to follow simple oral and written directions; courtesy; ability to get along well with senior citizens; tact; physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Possession of a valid operator’s license appropriate to the vehicle being operated at time of appointment and for the duration of employment.


NOTE: If operating a vehicle with a capacity of fifteen (15) or more passengers, incumbents must also be certified as qualified and fit in accordance with Section 19A of the New York State Motor Vehicle Law.