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The Supervisor's Office is located on the third floor of the Town offices. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.


Supervisor's Update- November 12th, 2014

Our last Town Hall Meeting of 2014 will be held on:

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

7:30 PM

Ossining Library

Agenda: The 2015 Budget

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Supervisor's Update- October 22nd, 2014

Police Services for the Unincorporated Area of the Town of Ossining

We are proud to announce that after careful research, due diligence, and extensive negotiations, the Town of Ossining and the Village of Ossining have agreed on contract terms for the Village of Ossining to provide Police Services to the Unincorporated Area.  This was not an easy decision and the cost factor was just one of the reasons for this decision. 

We have had a very successful four years with the Westchester County Police who, during their time on duty in the Town of Ossining, have been nothing but professional and attentive to the residents and commercial property owners of the Unincorporated Area.

After the RFPs were opened, there was a tremendous amount of work to be done to ensure the taxpayers, the Town Board and the Town Administration that the Village had presented a feasible plan. It is very easy to complete an RFP, but the real work happens after submission to determine that commitments made in the RFP can be honored for the length of the contract.

Some would like you to believe that this process should have been as simple as signing on the dotted line, but the truth is that all parties needed to take the time to complete our due diligence and make sure everyone understood the importance of the commitment before any signatures could be put to paper.  Some would like you to believe that this process was political, that some of the men and women on the Town Board have something personally to gain from this choice going one way or the other.  As the majority of you have realized by now (nearly three years into this administration), we are not afraid to take on issues that need to be addressed.  This Town Board has no political axe to grind, nor do we have the inclination to do anything other than what is best for the entire Town of Ossining.

For those in the Unincorporated Area who are concerned about quality of life issues, we have addressed your concerns with the Village Police.  Their commitment to us is that they understand this is a top priority- not only for those in the Unincorporated Area, but for those who live in the Village of Ossining as well.  For the businesses throughout the Unincorporated Area, we have addressed your desire for the officers to make the initial contact with you, and get to know both the owners and employees to understand their needs through regular communications.  For those who are concerned about traffic issues and enforcement, we have addressed those issues as well and will work with the Village Police Liaison to make sure that critical areas are monitored frequently. 

The Town Board takes its responsibility very seriously, and vows to constantly communicate with the Village Police and review monthly reports regularly, as we have done with the Westchester County Police for the past four years.

Traffic issues and dangerous Intersections

As many of you are aware, one of the most dangerous intersections in Ossining is at Route 9A at Route 134/ Croton Dam Road.   It has been the scene of many accidents over the years, some of them resulting in serious injuries or worse.  We owe lots of thanks to the Office of Assemblywoman Sandy Galef and Highway Superintendent Michael G. O’Connor and his team- coupled with the efforts of the Town Administration, we have made some headway with many of our requests to the New York State DOT (Department of Transportation).  We have had a section of road repaved which eliminated a bump in the road that made noise when trucks hit it 24 hours per day. We were also able to secure a “No Turn on Red” for cars going southbound on Route 9A at the intersection of Route 134. The State has now begun the process of changing the lights at 9A/134- one of these changes includes adding a red arrow north and south on 9A after the green arrow is no longer lit.  Fixing these traffic problems is crucial to traffic safety in our entire area, so please be patient with the work that is being done in the days to come, which will take place mainly during off hours.

There are other issues with road flooding on these State roads that we regularly bring to the State’s attention, and we know that we will have these issues resolved one day.  When you see police enforcement on different roads, especially Route 9A, please remember that they are there for your protection.  All too often, drivers speed on our winding roads, many of whom are new to the area and are not expecting to have to navigate the hills and tight curves here in our community.  Traffic enforcement and speed controls allow us all to travel safely, while also ensuring that traffic continues to flow throughout our County.

Recreation IMA with the Village of Ossining

One of the IMAs that we have with the Village of Ossining is for Recreational services for the Unincorporated Area.  This IMA has been in the Town General budget for many years, so in fact, people who live in the Village of Ossining have been paying twice for their recreation service.  Over the past few years, we have moved revenues such as cable franchise fees from the Town General to the Unincorporated Area budget, and now, in the interest of fairness, we will be moving the recreation services IMA to the Unincorporated Area budget.  During our discussions with the Village of Ossining, we stressed the need for the residents of the Unincorporated Area to pay the same fees for the Recreation Department services as do the residents of the Village of Ossining.  The Village has agreed to have the residents of the Unincorporated Area get their “rec card” for $5.00 and pay the same fees for all services (including use of the pool) as do the Village residents.  The only exception to that would be lap swimming- lap swimmers will continue to pay a higher rate than Village residents. Others outside of the area, including Briarcliff Manor residents, will pay a different rate entirely.   Please note: even if you have a Briarcliff Manor address but live in the Unincorporated Area, you will benefit from this change. 

We would like to encourage each of you to visit the Joseph G. Caputo Community Center, especially the aquatics center, and sign up for their e-blasts which include the programming for each season.  There are a variety of classes offered and they will be looking to add on some new computer classes this winter that may be of interest to you. 

While we will be moving the cost of the IMA to the Unincorporated Area for recreational services, there are also some activities that belong in the Town General Budget, including Recreational programming for physically challenged youth and adults, the cost of the fireworks for the July 4th celebrations, the cost of the bands for the summer concert series, the men’s and women’s softball league that is used by all residents of the Town of Ossining.  The administration cost for managing parks rental and the Boat Ramp at Louis Engel Park will be paid for from the Town General Budget, as will any costs associated to the Senior Nutrition Program that services everyone in the Town. We have discussed these items with the Village of Ossining –we will be paying for certain services directly with vendors in order to streamline many of these processes.

Dale Cemetery

Due to a lack of consistent funding, we have been required to make some changes at Dale Cemetery. The Town cannot assume a budget of $500,000 per year between payroll, equipment, and the supplies necessary to keep the property in top shape and in working order. We appreciate the time that both George and Barbara have put into project, but the Board concluded that, at this time, it would be most prudent for us to go in another direction.  We have asked Peter Connolly  to oversee the cemetery we have notified the local funeral homes that for a short period of time, we will continue to bury those who have passed away, but we will not be selling new plots. Pete has worked with the crew and has made significant strides in the Cemetery with the backlog of  foundations have been poured over 30 of them and the  veteran’s plaques have been set we are ready to begin selling plots to local families again.   The sales and financial operations will be moved to the Supervisor’s Office for the time being.  We will be meeting with the local funeral directors shortly to get their input and advice as we move forward.

Our goal is to keep the cemetery open; we understand that all the plots sold and the maintenance of this historical memorial park is a serious responsibility.  We hope to continue to bring this beautiful historical site back to its past beauty, and to have it in pristine condition when family and friends pay respect to their loved ones, when our veterans and First Responders visit to honor those who served so bravely.


Supervisor's Update- August 14th, 2014

News from the Ossining Schools

The Ossining Schools and the Town of Ossining, along with the Village of Ossining and many Safety Net organizations, remind all parents and guardians the importance of OUR students going to school every day.

“Our community’s goal this school year is to improve every student’s school attendance and to make sure that every student attends every day.  Coming to school every day has a huge impact on a student’s academic success starting in Prekindergarten and continuing through High School. We don’t want your child to fall behind in school and get discouraged. 

Your children can suffer academically if they miss 10 percent of the school year, or about 18 days.  That can be just one day every two weeks, and that can happen before you know it

Please ensure that your child attends school every day and arrives on time.  We look forward to seeing your child on September 3rd and every school day after that.  Every day counts! "

Town Hall Meeting

Town of Ossining

September 30th, 2014

7:30 PM

Ossining Library

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Supervisor's Update- July 31st, 2014

As usual, we have so much going on in the Town!  It feels great to live in such a magnificent place and to be part of a community who truly cares about the process of making government work. We continue to be proud of the transparency with which we treat each issue that comes before us- a visit to the Town of Ossining web page will encourage you find out about everything we are working on or have worked on in the recent past.   Sometimes, each of us gets frustrated with how things are going, or the speed (or lack of speed!) of a project or process, but is essential to understand that everything takes time if done right.  Please don’t allow the agendas of others to influence the depth of your own research- investigate for yourself to determine what is best for you, your family and friends, and your Ossining neighbors. 

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Supervisor's Update- July 9th, 2014

Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday July 15th, 2014

Ossining Library

7:30  PM


Police Services for the Unincorporated Area of Ossining

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Update on the Reassessment/Revaluation

Other items from the Residents/Commercial Property owners of the entire Town of Ossining


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Town Board Contacts

Town Supervisor: Dana Levenberg - phone (914) 762-6001 - fax (914) 762-0833

Council Members: Karen D'Attore, Elizabeth Feldman, Jackie Shaw, Northern Wilcher Jr.