Supervisor - Dana Levenberg

Dana Levenberg, Town Supervisor
phone (914) 762-6001
fax (914) 762-0833
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16 Croton Avenue
Ossining, NY 10562

The Supervisor's Office is located on the third floor of the Town offices. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.


Supervisor's Update- January 15th, 2015

Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday January 20th, 2015

Ossining Public Library

6:30 PM- Town Board & Planning Board

7:30PM- Town Hall Meeting on Re-Val Update/ Homestead Option

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Supervisor's Update- May 28th, 2015

The Town of Ossining – Running it like a Business

The Town of Ossining, like all municipalities these days, is a busy place. However, many functions that we now perform do not require a full-time employee for various reasons.  In fact, there are times in almost every department that some of the office staff sees lower work volume.  In the era of the Tax Cap, it is essential that every municipality review the tasks of each individual to ensure that we have the proper level of staff on hand to properly service the residents and commercial property owners.  Cross-training and sharing of staff between departments allows a municipality to have enough coverage in busy times and reduce employee downtime while other departments could use the help.

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Supervisor's Update- May 7th, 2015

Regarding the Proposed Annexation of Election Districts 17 & 20 into the Village of Briarcliff Manor:

  pdf Please find here a copy of the joint statement (125 KB) from the Village of Briarcliff Manor and the Town of Ossining, announcing that Briarcliff Manor passed a resolution on May 6th, 2015 directing Village Counsel to take all necessary steps to discontinue the pending court action.

Moving forward, both the Town and the Village are interested in intergovernmental cooperation and working together to save taxpayer dollars through programs and possible shared services.


Supervisor's Update- May 1st, 2015

Homestead Option

As part of the opening statement at the Town Board Legislative Session on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015, I said the following:

“In order to put to rest some people’s misconceptions on the Homestead Option while moving forward with the very important reassessment of the Town of Ossining, we are publishing the document that each of the five members of the Town Board signed. In this document the current members of the Board unanimously committed to not moving forward with the Homestead Option.

The Town Board will officially pass a resolution on Homestead when the matter is presented to the Board in the first quarter of 2016. Once the Town Board has voted not to use the Homestead Option, that action prohibits the use of the Homestead Option by either of the Villages and School Districts.

We will have at least one new member on the Town Board in 2016, since Geoff Harter is retiring after 24 years of service to the community. It takes three votes to pass a resolution, so should all else remain the same, at a minimum, the four remaining committed members of the Board will vote no on the Homestead Option.”

pdf  Please find a copy of the signed press release here (745 KB) .

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Supervisor's Update- April 9th, 2015

Town Hall Meeting

April 21st, 2015

7:30 PM

Ossining Public Library


Discussions on:

1) Proposed roads in Unincorporated Area to be designated as pdf "No Parking" (89 KB)

2)  pdf Community Choice Aggregation (449 KB) for the Unincorporated Area of the Town of Ossining

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Town Board Contacts

Town Supervisor: Dana Levenberg - phone (914) 762-6001 - fax (914) 762-0833

Council Members: Karen D'Attore, Elizabeth Feldman, Jackie Shaw, Northern Wilcher Jr.