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The Supervisor's Office is located on the third floor of the Town offices. Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.


Supervisor's Update- March 24th, 2017


This week flew past for us, and I am happy to share that it was a productive one!



My office has continued to push forward with our application to be a "Cleaner Greener Community," which requires us to document two recent environmental actions that the Town has undertaken, along with embarking on two new ones. The first of the new initiatives was a resolution passed by our Board a few weeks ago, where we agreed to participate in Benchmarking, which consists of keeping track of the Town's energy use and costs in our buildings and measuring the change (hopefully, the reduction) over time. The second will be our Clean Fleet Initiative, which will begin shortly when we sign the lease for our first true electric vehicle. The Town will be leasing a Nissan Leaf to replace our Building Inspector's Chevy Impala, which had been on track for replacement in 2018. However, the incredibly competitive price we got ($22,000), coupled with the substantial incentives from New York State ($5,000), will allow us to lease this vehicle with no impact on the budget in 2017. Furthermore, we were offered a 0% lease and a $1 buyout, so our all-in cost will still be $17,000, but staggered over several years. We are excited to sign the lease and get this vehicle into service, which will happen next week. Keep your eyes peeled for this new vehicle around Town (hopefully, the first of many!) Ron Kamen from Sustainable Westchester visited the Town Board on Tuesday evening and gave a great presentation on the Town's plan, as well as on electric cars in general. You can watch the video to hear the whole thing (jump ahead to the 1 hour and 46 minute mark), or view the presentation at your leisure here.


Speaking of environmental causes, we are still looking for another member of our Environmental Advisory Committee. If you live in the Unincorporated Area of the Town and are interested in reducing the Town's environmental footprint, I hope you will apply. Please send your resume and a letter of interest to Maddi Zachacz in my office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Supervisor's Update- March 17th, 2017



We started the week off with a significant snowstorm, one of the biggest we've seen in awhile, and as always, the Town and Village crews did not disappoint. Although some estimates were calling for as much as two feet of the white stuff, we topped out at just over a foot in most places around Town with very little damage and fewer than 10 power outages. As such, we (the Town and Village) decided collectively not to call in a Con Ed liaison, and we managed all communication in house. I want to thank our Police Chief Kevin Sylvester and Police Lieutenant Jim Montague, along with the Village Administration and our Highway Foreman John Martin and his crew for their expertise and cooperation throughout this adventure.


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Supervisor's Update- March 10th, 2017


This snow turned out to be a wonderful surprise: not enough to force a change in plans, but just enough to get everyone to slow down and admire the magnificent landscape here in Ossining! The weekend is expected to be chilly and dry, but there is the potential for significant snowfall on Tuesday. Keep your eyes on the skies as we move into next week, and check back here for any delays, closures or weather related information.



On Monday, I was invited by the Village of Ossining to participate in a Stakeholders Meeting on the topic of housing in our community. This has been an incredibly hot topic in Ossining over the past several years, and I appreciate the Village's inclusionary vision for the Housing Needs Assessment study process. One of the other stakeholders present was Robert Rosenbloom from the Housing Action Council, who will be coming to a Work Session in April to share how their programs can help homeowners in distress. He did, however, share the following information with us for circulation. If you or someone you know is facing the stressful situation of a pending foreclosure, HAC may be able to provide guidance.





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Supervisor's Update- March 3rd, 2017



This has been a challenging week for many in Ossining, as another series of bomb threats threatening the Jewish community hit close to home when the JCC in Scarsdale was evacuated. These threats are unacceptable and cannot be tolerated, and I want to thank our County Legislator Catherine Borgia, along with Governor Cuomo, for speaking out against these shameful acts of hate. However, we can not just look to our elected leadership to stop these disturbing acts-- the responsibility lies with us to be vigilant and to report anyone who participates in behavior meant to frighten, intimidate or harm their neighbors. New York State has started a text hotline to make it easy to report a hate crime-- save this number in your phone, it could change the life of someone you love.



To this end, I attended a meeting earlier this week with Neighbors Link, where we discussed setting up trainings for local leaders to help our most vulnerable residents to get assistance and support during a time when they are not feeling particularly welcome. I hope to be able to participate in one of these trainings soon.



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Supervisor's Update- February 24th, 2017

Although the weather outside may lead you to believe we are moving into the summer months, we are actually nearly a month away from the first day of spring! If the bright skies and increasingly longer days make you want to sing, you aren't alone-- but why not sing with a buddy? As you may remember, we are partnering with the Ossining School District on their roll-out of the Ossining Basics program, and this month focuses on the principle "Talk, Sing and Point." Since babies learn language from the day they are born, we can help to prime them for learning when we point to objects we are talking (or singing!) about and build those connections more easily. Although February is almost over, there is still time to share these lessons with the little people in your life-- you can learn more about "Talk, Sing, Point" here.


Several of us spent the first two days of the week in Manhattan at the Association of Towns Annual Meeting. This was my second year attending and I must say, I am encouraged by how hard our Association is working to represent us at the State level.




The guest speaker on Monday at the kick-off to the whole conference, was US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara, who reminded us of the importance of integrity at all levels of government. Especially in these times when residents and the media are hyper-vigilant about the operations of their local governments, I feel proud to stand with the Town team who has, in my first year as Town Supervisor, already demonstrated a commitment to doing right by our taxpayers at every turn. I was joined by colleagues on the board and my office, from our Tax Receiver’s office as well as from our courts. We all spent time in a cross section of workshops to learn more from experts in the field as well as our colleagues across the state about how we can be doing our work for the Town even better, to better serve you more efficiently and effectively.



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Town Supervisor: Dana Levenberg - phone (914) 762-6001 - fax (914) 762-0833

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