Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg and the Ossining Town Board invite community members to join in a special conversation on January 17th about the future of Town services.


Since September, the Town has been studying possible efficiencies in our operating budgets to save taxpayer money by streamlining services through a number of different strategies. The process is funded through a state grant. Known as Project Forward (, residents were encouraged to learn about the grant, Town finances, previous efforts to consolidate services, and concepts for the future. A survey of community attitudes about the concepts was conducted, and the results were presented in late October.


The next phase of community interaction is for face-to-face dialogue on the concepts. Residents are invited to attend either one of two sessions (12PM- 1:30PM or 7:30PM- 9PM) scheduled for January 17th at the Ossining Public Library. After a short recap of the results, residents will dialogue with one another to create a community of thought regarding the next steps in the process. Residents don’t need to prepare to attend the meeting, but a reacquaintance with the Project Forward through a quick scan of the website would be helpful for all.