Supervisor's Update - July 19th, 2013

Town Hall Meeting Recap: Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

We covered a wide range of topics at the Town Hall meeting this past Tuesday, from an update on the SRO at the Middle School to a discussion on our population of coyotes; we discussed our infrastructure issues and shared updates on their progress, examined the Town’s finances for the first half of 2013, and even covered some new concepts and ideas for the future of Louis Engel Waterfront Park. As we’ve spoken about in prior meetings, we know more storms are coming, and we need to prepare for them in every way possible, including taking every step to improve the stability and safety of our buildings.

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Supervisor's Update- July 5th, 2013

Tonight kicks off our 2013 Summer Concert Series!

July 5, 2013-              KJ Denhert

July 12, 2013-             Peter Herger

July 19, 2013-            Mike Risko Band

July 26, 2013-            Classic Rock Euphoria

August 9, 2013-          Powder Finger

August 16, 2013-        Jig Saww       

August 23, 2013-        The Doug Correllus Quartet

August 28, 2013-        Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington (To be held at the Community Center in case of rain) *Note this concert takes place on a Wednesday

August 30, 2013-        Old Mill Singers (To be held at the Library in case of rain)

Won’t you please help fund the concert series?

Please make contributions online:

100% of donations go to keeping these concerts going for years to come.

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Supervisor's Update- April 8th, 2013

Spring has finally arrived and there are activities galore- please join us in enjoying the festivities and bettering our community!

April 16, 2013 – Town Hall Meeting

Ossining Library 7:30 PM – Lower Level Entrance

Some of the topics that we plan to discuss at the meeting are:

  • Expectations of Public Officials: We want to hear from you what you expect from both your elected officials and the appointed Department Managers.    
  • Transparency in Government : Our goal is to give you the information you require to best understand and participate in your local government. We will always do this to the best of our ability. How can we do better?
  • Details on Highway Audit : There has been a prolonged discussion on the scrap metal portion of the Highway Department Audit; at this meeting, we will discuss the rest of the audit and encourage the Highway Superintendent to share positive updates and workable action plans to move this department forward, while protecting the tax dollars spent there.
  • Where we stand with the SRO at the Middle School: We will outline the process that has been used to determine the correct course of action ensuring support for the program at AMD.

As always, these are your meetings: we encourage you to come with your own questions for the Board.

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Supervisor's Update- June 22nd, 2013

507 North State Road – Exciting NEWS!!!

The Town of Ossining is proud to announce that our “Police Building” – 507 North State Road, has been sold. We have been working on this process for the past 5-6 months with a principal from an IT company who will be moving 30-35 employees to OUR community. They have requested to be a PILOT plan (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) and they fit the bill 100%. In anticipation of this process, we had the building appraised- please find a copy of the appraisal here: pdf Self Contained Appraisal Report

The Town has met with the schools, whose share comprises the majority of taxes on the property, and we have agreed on a 7 year PILOT to bring this important asset to the Town of Ossining.

Please review the YouTube link below so that you can better understand the reasons and the process for embarking on a PILOT:

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Supervisor's Update - March 18th, 2013

1 Year and Counting

Report Card, Town of Ossining Assessor Fernando Gonzalez: A+

Fernando has brought his "open door" policy to the Assessor’s office here in Ossining. Residents, as well as commercial property owners, have been welcomed in the office and encouraged to ask questions about the assessed value of their properties. All have been encouraged to come to the office before spending any money on those so-called "assessment experts".

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