Supervisor's Update- November 22nd, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving eve, everyone!


As a reminder, the Town Offices will be closed tomorrow (Thursday, November 23rd) and Friday (November 24th) in celebration of Thanksgiving. Before we head out for the long weekend, I want remind everyone that Small Business Saturday is coming up but also, I wanted to share some information from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation about how to reduce waste this holiday season.


Stuff the Turkey, Not the Trash


 "Holiday season panic, we all experience it. How much food do I buy? Is this turkey big enough? Are you sure we have enough food? Where am I going to put all of these leftovers? Who is going to eat all of these leftovers?!


Millions of pounds of leftover food is thrown away every year. In fact, it is estimated that Americans throw away 204 million pounds of turkey meat during the Thanksgiving holiday (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2016). What if there was a way to plan more accordingly and load off some of those leftovers? To reduce wasted food this holiday season:

  • Plan ahead: Have an accurate head count to plan portions accordingly. Use Save the Food's new calculator to help estimate how much food you will need based on the head count and number of desired leftovers.
  • Cook with imperfections: Purchase imperfect produce to use in cooked dishes, such as bruised apples for apple pie.
  • Share: Encourage your guests to bring a container they can take leftovers home in.
  • Make creative leftovers: Enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers days after by creating new dishes like turkey soup or hot turkey sandwiches.
  • Freeze: Be realistic about the leftovers you can eat; freeze the extra that won't last in the fridge.

From our family to yours, be grateful and not wasteful this holiday season and help us reduce wasted food in New York State."


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Supervisor's Update- November 17th, 2017


It is hard to believe that I am writing this on Friday afternoon and it's pitch black outside! We are all looking forward to a great weekend here in Ossining, but I am looking especially forward to one event in particular-- Westchester Collaborative Theater is having their opening weekend of a collection of four short plays entitled "Fractured Family Tales." My husband, Stephen Hersh, has written one of them, and after having heard all the behind-the-scenes excitement, I cannot wait to see the finished product. Won't you join me? The plays will run through the second weekend in December, so be sure to get tickets soon and visit WCT's still-fairly-new Ossining space with family and friends.


We had a jam packed week which started with a birthday bash for yours truly. My office ordered two delicious cakes (one Fudgie the Whale, and one delicious chocolate sheet cake from our friends at Good Choice Kitchen) and we invited all of our friends in the Town and Village to celebrate with me. Not a bad way to kick off a week!


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Supervisor's Update- November 3rd, 2017


This has been another difficult week for our nation, especially for our fellow New Yorkers, as we received news of yet another act of senseless violence in our midst. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their family members. We cannot and will not be cowed by those who mean to do us harm, and we need to continue to live our best lives in a world that does, and always will, belong to the good guys.


As we come to the end of another week, I encourage everyone to check out some of the great events going on in Town this weekend, including some live music at First Village Coffee this evening. A warm cup of delicious coffee and some gentle tunes sound pretty good right about now.



Before I go into the other events coming up, I have a lot to share about what we've been up to in Ossining this week.


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Supervisor's Update - November 9th, 2017


Another whirlwind (and short!) week for the Town of Ossining!


First off, I want to thank Ossining residents for re-electing me to a second term as Town of Ossining Supervisor-- it is my great pleasure to serve our fantastic community and I am incredibly humbled by your continued support. I want to congratulate my Board colleagues, Deputy Supervisor Kim Jeffrey and Town Councilman Northern Wilcher, who both were elected to serve another 4-year term for our residents. I look forward to working with both of them again in 2018 and beyond.


I also want to congratulate all of our local winners, including Town Justice Nancy Quinn Koba, Village Trustee Quantel Bazemore and Trustee Elect Omar Herrera, Superintendent of Highways Michael G. O’Connor, County Legislator Catherine Borgia, and our County Executive Elect George Latimer. Thank you all for your selfless service to our community, and I look forward to achieving even more great things together. Also, my special thanks go to outgoing Village of Ossining Trustee Manuel Quezada for his six years of dedicated service to the Board of Trustees—you have done a fine job representing our residents, of which I am one. Finally, I would like to thank everyone that helped work during this year’s election, especially our Town Clerk Mary Ann Roberts and her staff, poll workers, and the many volunteers that helped throughout the election season to share information about the candidates running for elected office, resulting in great voter turnout in Ossining.   Everyone’s hard work helps to further our democratic system so that we can continue to live in peace and democracy in the United States.



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Supervisor's Update- October 27th, 2017


We have had a crazy week here in the Town of Ossining and the Forest O' Fears Haunted Hayride is beginning shortly, so I'll make this quick!



About one hour ago, Budget Officer Maddi Zachacz, Deputy Town Comptroller Dale Ferreira and I filed the Supervisor's (or Tentative) 2018 Budget with our Town Clerk, Mary Ann Roberts- and a few days early, at that!


I want to thank Maddi and Dale, along with our Town Comptroller Tom Warren and all of our Department Heads for helping put together such a fair and responsible budget-- our Town deserves nothing less and we believe we did deliver. Check out the Town's Budget page to see the proposed budget itself, along with the supplementary documents (like our proposed Capital Plan), along with my message to the community about the work we've done, and the work we're looking forward to doing in 2018. The Town Board will be going through the budget over the coming weeks with our Department Heads-- you can see the schedule for these meetings on the Town Budget page as well-- and we will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, November 28th. However, if something catches your eye, there's no need to wait until the 28th-- email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or the whole Town Board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and tell us what you think!

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