The Nor'easter has wallopped our area. Our Town Highway and Parks crews were dealing with the storm and clearing efforts last night and were back out again early this morning. We requested a ConEd Municipal Liaison who arrives this morning to work with the Ossining police to triage all the storm damage related to power lines.

Thanks to Chief Sylvester, Lieutenant Slater and Lieutenant Montague, they were able to hit many of the worst spots in the Town. 9A and 134 was their first stop and the work there was extensive. Cutting and clearing the first step and they worked hand in hand with our crews to do that.

As far as restoration of power, we have been told the damage was severe and is not a quick fix. We have worked with the Village of Ossining to make sure the Rec Center at 95 Broadway would be open as a warming center until 10 tonight and from 9a-6pm tomorrow, and more if there is demand.

Phones can be charged, and there are bathrooms and showers and water there. We are still trying to learn about dry ice distribution from Con Ed and have also been in touch with our congressional representatives to see if they can do anything to help expedite recovery efforts.

If you know anyone who is elderly or has special needs please reach out to the Ossining Police who will help direct them to resources as needed or available.

Thanks for your patience in the face of a very tough couple of nights.