Early this morning, the Ossining Police Department was notified that a truck headed north on South Highland Avenue appeared to be leaking fluid-- when they caught up with the truck on Main Street, they discovered a sizeable spill in the road. The Ossining Fire Department was immediately dispatched to contain what turned out to be oil, and Village of Ossining DPW crews were called in to spread sand to absorb the oil. The trucking company has contracted with a remediation service to clean the spill, an effort that is likely to continue through this afternoon and early evening.



So what does this mean for us? Well, Main Street is closed to traffic until further notice, although pedestrians still have access. If you decide to head downtown, be sure to park a little distance away to avoid any delays or stoppages-- our businesses on Main Street will appreciate your patronage even more than usual today! Why not stop into Good Choice Kitchen for a bowl of soba noodles (with sesame sauce, please), Bob's Army Navy for a new pair of slacks (fall will be here before you know it!), or First Village Coffee for a warm cup of coffee? We are all in this together, Ossining!


Extra special thanks to the OPD and OFD for keeping us safe and sound hrough this and every tricky situation-- we are so honored to have you fine ladies and gents serving our community!