At our Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, April 19th, we provided a handout listing some Frequently Asked Questions about the Town-wide revaulation, along with answers to those questions from our Town Assessor, Tyler Technologies, Michael Haberman Associates, and the New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services. That document can be found here.


Additionally, on the "Publications" tab under Assessor, you can find more readings, Powerpoints and handouts that we have posted throughout this process. You can also find them by clicking here. Our Receiver of Taxes, Gloria Fried, has produced a Consolidated Rate Sheet to help you better predict your tax impact: you can find that here, or on the "Publications" tab under Tax Receiver.


If you weren't able to join us on Tuesday evening, the video of the meeting is available to view on our Youtube page. Please take a look. Still have questions? Check out the Consortium website at