We are getting some damp weather out there and potential for more later on in the evening, but the fireworks are on as scheduled! Depending on the radar, we are going to play the time by ear-- we may be shooting them off a little early, so make sure you get a good spot and be ready! The band will start playing at 7:30PM, so you will definitely want to have a good seat staked out by then. The food trucks have already assembled and are ready to feed you their delicious fare, so I'm heading down now, are you?

Thanks again to all those who help us put this amazing event together, including Interstate Fireworks, the Ossining Recreation Department, our fantastic Ossining Police Department, the Ossining Fire Department, Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corps, and of course, our Town and Village parks staff, without whom this would never be possible. 


Have a great night, and a happy, healthy and safe 4th of July!