Please see below an update from the Village of Ossining Water Department.  The Village of Ossining Water Department also supplies water to the Unincorporated Town of Ossining.  Thank you to the Village of Ossining, especially Water Superintendent Andy Tiess and Village Manager Karen D'Attore, for continuing to update the community regarding this ongoing situation.


"Beginning on January 8th, in response to reported taste and odor issues, Ossining began drawing 100% of the community’s water supply from the Indian Brook Reservoir. Since that time, we have contracted for and initiated the design of a Powder Activated Carbon System that will address these and similar issues in the future. Powder Activated Carbon (PAC), used in many home filtration systems, is added to the water at the beginning of the treatment cycle and is then removed during the filtration process. Residents can expect for this new treatment process to be fully operational within six weeks.

We have been continuously monitoring the Indian Brook Reservoir levels and have now tapped the Reservoir to 50% capacity on this site. We are thankful to have had this water source as a backup while the system flushed itself out.

Starting at midnight on Sunday, January 26th, we will be reintroducing the Croton Reservoir water back into our system. During this time, you may continue to detect taste and odor issues. However, within the next six weeks, we anticipate significant improvements concurrent with the use of the Powder Activated Carbon System.

This taste and odor condition has never been experienced during the 33 years of the water treatment plant operation. Further, this is not an issue specific to Ossining but rather one that has affected all municipalities that draw from the Croton Reservoir. Despite the taste and odor, the water has been and remains safe to drink.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

Please contact the Indian Brook Water Filtration Plant with any questions at 914-941-0128."