Well, we ended up getting a bit more snow than predicted, but as always, the Ossining Village DPW and Town Highway/Parks staff have us covered! Also a big shout out to the Ossining Police Department and Chief Kevin Sylvester for, via their Facebook page, keeping our community informed about the road conditions and, of course, for keeping us updated on their famous "OPD Milk & Bread Alert System," commonly known as OOPDMBAS. Great job, all-- it's great to know that you, our fire departments and ambulance corps, have our back on days like today.



Governor Cuomo declared a State of Emergency for Westchester and other counties a few hours ago, so it is imperative that you stay off of the roads-- please give our plows and first responders room to do their jobs and make sure folks can get around safely in an emergency. If you absolutely must be on the roads, please be sure your car is properly cleaned off, you are dressed warmly, and both your car and cell phone are juiced up. It's also advisable to pack a flashlight, a snack and a bottle of water just in case (better safe!)



The bulk of the snow should be done falling by early evening, but there will still be much work to be done overnight. Please observe all parking ordinances (in the Town, no overnight parking on the street!), and if you see a downed power line, please keep your distance and call 911. We have not heard about a great many power outages, but as a precaution, please copy down the 1-800-CONED number or download the app to your smartphone in case you need to report an outage during this storm or later on this snowy season.



Finally, please take special note of the following on behalf of our plows: once the storm is over, pretty pretty please, do not plow your snow out into the roadway. Not only does it create a hazard for your neighbors and our emergency responders, but it increases the workload substantially for our employees who have already worked a very long shift and would like to get home to their families. If you have a contractor plow or shovel you out, please communicate this to them as well.



Wishing everyone a cozy, warm, and safe evening! We expect to be in bright and early tomorrow (Friday) morning to serve you!