As you might imagine, the Town offices have been inundated with phone calls about Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order and the Town of Ossining’s ability to accept 2018 tax payments in 2017. We apologize for not being able to return each phone call—we have all hands on deck and will have extended office hours to accommodate as many taxpayers as we can. As a reminder, we are here today (Wednesday 12/27) until 4:30PM, tomorrow (Thursday 12/28) between 8:30AM and 7PM, and Friday 12/29 between 8:30AM and 3PM. If you have an urgent question, please feel free to call, but please take note of some of the details below and hopefully some of your questions will be answered.


As of December 26, 2017, we are accepting tax payments of the 2018 year under the authority of the Governor’s Executive Order #172. The order allows the Town to collect taxes for which we have a warrant, or for which the Town is willing to accept early payments.


1. We are accepting early payments for the 2018 Town tax bill and Town Special Districts based on what you paid for Town and Town Special District taxes in the 2017 collection.

2. Taxes due for 2018 based on actual tax rates (not currently available) will be reduced by a credit amount for the payments received under this Executive Order.

3. School taxes - Second half due by January 31, 2018. The second half of an already outstanding bill are accepted before January 1st, 2018 as is longstanding practice.

4. We cannot accept payments of any County Taxes as we have not received a warrant from Westchester County.

5. We cannot accept payments of school taxes for the 2018/19 tax year as we have not received a warrant from our school districts. This is through NO FAULT of the Schools; there are no budgets completed or voted on, on which to calculate bills.


Although the Town of Ossining is proceeding with tax collection as permitted by the Executive Order, it offers no opinion concerning the ultimate deductibility of any taxes paid for federal or state tax purposes. Property owners should consult with their own tax professionals for guidance with regard to the federal and state tax implications associated with these payments.


Again, we apologize sincerely for any service issues you may experience and ask for your understanding-- this is an unprecedented situation and is continuously evolving, but we're all in this together!