As many of you are aware, around 4:30PM on Friday, December 22nd, Governor Cuomo issued an Executive Order which enables municipalities to accept partial payments of 2018 taxes in order to brace for changes that will result from the SALT legislation at the federal level. Over the weekend, we were working hard to identify the best way to implement a strategy to provide this benefit to Town taxpayers. 


  pdf Please see the update we are releasing today regarding the payment of 2018 taxes. (46 KB) Earlier today, I signed the 2018 Town tax warrant (subject to correction). In addition, as per the process prescribed in the Executive Order, the Town Board will pass a resolution at this evening's meeting to allow the Town to accept the aforementioned payments.


As a reminder, the Village of Ossining issued their warrant last week, enabling Village of Ossining taxpayers to pay their 2018 Village taxes in 2017.


Although the Town and Village of Ossining are offering this accomodation in accordance with the Executive Order, we urge you to contact your tax advisor regarding the potential deductability of such payments.


We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available.