As we continue to hear from many of our residents about the impact notices they’ve received this month, we wanted to share some feedback we’ve gotten from Tyler Technologies and from our Town Assessor.


Once you’ve scheduled an appointment to meet with Tyler (if you haven’t done so already and feel that Tyler didn’t accurately assess your property, you may call 800-273-8605 by Friday, April 8th), it is important that you keep that appointment. There are many folks waiting to see a Tyler representative, and we are asking that if you have scheduled and won’t be able to make it, that you please call and cancel/ reschedule so that your neighbors may get an appointment sooner.


Secondly, as you prepare for your appointment, we want to remind our residents that bringing backup to substantiate your home’s value will be crucial. Our Assessor suggests any of the following: internal photographs of the property, cost estimates of any work in progress or recently completed, an appraisal performed within the last three years (only if you already have one), a market analysis conducted by a realtor, comparable sales, and most importantly, proof of factors that you think negatively impact the value in a way Tyler may have missed. Some examples of these factors may be a wet basement, cracked foundation, proximity to high traffic areas, outdated kitchens/ bathrooms, or any lot/land value information you think is important, such as easements, contamination, restrictions, etc.


We want to get this right. Please bring any and all information that you believe will strengthen your case.


More information can be found on Tyler's website for the Consortium at