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Archive of Town of Ossining Assessment Rolls

COUNTY - Westchester
TOWN - Ossining

Assessor: Fernando Gonzalez, IAO
Phone: (914) 762-8274
Fax: (914) 762-8634
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office of the Assessor, Town of Ossining
16 Croton Avenue, 3rd Floor
Ossining, NY 10562


pdf 2022 Reassessment - Data Collector Car Information Popular

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2022 Reassessment - 2022 DC Car Info.pdf

pdf 2022 Reassessment - Letter of Introduction for Data Collectors Popular

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2022 Reassessment - Letter of Introduction for Data collectors.pdf

pdf Assessment Department Presentation April 2015 Popular

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Download (pdf, 745 KB)


pdf Assessments Vs Taxes Popular

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Download (pdf, 985 KB)

Assessments Vs. Taxes.pdf

pdf Benjamin Center Homestead Study 2019 Popular

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Download (pdf, 928 KB)

Benjamin Center Homestead Study- 2019.pdf

pdf City of Kingston Article Popular

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City of Kingston Article.pdf

pdf Frequently Asked Questions about the Homestead Tax Option Popular

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pdf Haberman Associates Town Hall Presentation 4/19/16 Popular

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pdf Homestead Tax Option Powerpoint, Town Hall Meeting 1-20-15 Popular

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pdf Income & Expense Data Worksheet Popular

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Income and Expense - Fillable Form.pdf

pdf Income & Expense Instructions Popular

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Income and Expense - Instructions.pdf

pdf Letter to Seniors Popular

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Letter to Seniors.pdf

pdf Residential Reassessement Exemption Application Popular

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Residential Reassessement Exemption Application.pdf

pdf RP-524 Grievance Application 2022 New

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RP-524 Grievance Application 2022.pdf

pdf RP-524 Grievance Instructions 2022 New

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RP-524 Grievance Instructions 2022.pdf

pdf Shift Analysis Presentation- Town Board Meeting, March 1st, 2016 Popular

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Town Board Meeting March 1st.pdf

pdf SUNY New Paltz Homestead Study Popular

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pdf The Impact Of Kingston Homestead Tax 2014 Popular

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